- bank of new south wales, twenty spanish dollars, issued 1 january 1824 -
- philip spalding's famous 1813 holey dollar struck on an 1808, mexico mint, spanish silver dollar -
- half sovereign collection, ex quartermaster. available now -
- superb quality example of australia's very last half sovereign. available now -
- ferdinand vii holey dollars are the rarest of the rare. and the political intrigue surrounding their striking makes for fascinating reading -
- unique set of australia's first commonwealth coins in original case. available now -
- one of the finest holey dollars. exceptional quality ex ray jewell & philip spalding -

Unique. And of national significance, this Australian banknote affirms the might of the Spanish Silver Dollar.

unique. bank of new south wales twenty spanish dollars


director of the bank of n.s.w. edward wollstonecraft


the holey dollar & the dump


spanish silver dollars cut as small change


governor of penal colony sir thomas brisbane


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1899 Perth Proof Half Sovereign rev LARGE

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1813 Colonial Dump Extremely Fine B&B October 2017

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