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1852 Adelaide Pound

About Coinworks

At Coinworks, rare coins and notes have been our passion for more than forty years.

Our fascination with currency has led us to fastidiously research the history and background of each example. So we are able to discuss them with buyers and sellers, with authority.

The rewards of rare Australian currency as an investment are significant.

By definition, there is a limited supply. A combination of rarity and demand has ensured that collectable currency has increased in value up to 200 times in the last fifty years.

At Coinworks we have found the rewards are eminently satisfying on many levels.

There is the fascination of the individual piece, the pride of ownership, the involvement with its history, combined with its investment potential into the future.

The Coinworks team works hand-in-hand with clients advising them how to get the best value out of the market, while at the same time satisfying their prime reasons for purchase. Those reasons may be hard-nosed ones, based on an investment strategy, or purely emotional ones. The great thing about the rare coin industry is that it can offer both!

Belinda Downie

Belinda Downie
0402 289 499
Belinda Downie

Belinda Downie has been involved in the Australian numismatic industry for more than 45 years having been mentored by two of the industry’s most respected dealers, Phil Downie and Barrie Winsor.

In 2000, Belinda Downie stepped away from her well-established role as a mail-order coin dealer, and established Coinworks, a company that specialises in the handling of high quality, rare pre-1964 Australian coins. 

Belinda has the reputation and the contacts to provide clients with some of the rarest and most important pieces that the Australian coin market can offer. 

But she is quick to point out that in acquiring the best, clients do not have to pay ridiculous prices. 

Knowledge is critical in assessing a coin’s value, and knowing its future potential - which is where the experience of Coinworks comes in. 

Paul Ratcliffe

Paul Ratcliffe
0407 700 907
Paul Ratcliffe

Paul’s experience in the coin and banknote industry spans twenty years. 

His first role in the industry was Operations Manager of Sherwood Commemoratives with responsibilities for the overall smooth running of the business. 

Paul soon developed more industry specific skills dealing with coins and banknotes on a daily basis, attending to client’s specific needs and attending coin shows. 

In 2001 Paul took up the position as Operations Manager of Downies and in 2006 became their rare coin and banknote specialist. 

Paul joined Coinworks in 2009. 

Sarah Braybrook

Sarah Braybrook
08 8372 7878
Sarah Braybrook

Sarah was recruited by Managing Director of Coinworks, Belinda Downie, into the numismatic industry straight from secondary school in 1995. 

Sarah’s understanding of the product and her engaging personality saw her take up a variety of different roles from the handling of valuable inventory to dealing directly with clients both in a mail order environment and in retail outlets.

Sarah took time out from the industry in 2001 to raise a family.

Sarah returned to the industry in 2016 heading up our Adelaide Office and will be responsible for Coinworks marketing and strategic planning.

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