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Coinworks has sold Australia's most valuable coin, the Proof 1930 Penny. And our most valuable banknote, the Commonwealth of Australia's Ten Shillings issued in 1913 with the serial number '1'. Vendors choose Coinworks for one prime reason. We get the job done.

Coinworks specialises in Australian coins and banknotes only. And within that market we specialise in certain sectors including Australia’s classic rarities, the 1930 Penny, 1813 Holey Dollar and 1813 Dump, 1852 Adelaide Pounds, Square Pennies 1919 to 1921. Quality proof coinage, gold, silver and copper also is our speciality. Our marketing is second to none.

If we do not have a category of sale that fits the profile of your holding we will at the very least point you in the right direction by suggesting another retailer or an auction house.

Once we have established that Coinworks has a category of sale that fits the profile of your holding, our specialists will arrange every detail, from establishing retail estimates to arranging secure pick up were necessary before marketing your items to prospective buyers both here in Australia and worldwide.

Coinworks will guide you through the entire sales process and it's a sales process that will be made easy.

  • We will establish estimates and confirm commission rates.
  • We will formulate a sales strategy and set a timetable for completion of your sale and payout date.

The first step to selling with Coinworks is to Contact Us. We may ask for images. We will ask for information as to where your material was sourced. 


Is requesting a valuation estimate from Coinworks free?

Coinworks is pleased to offer provisional valuations free of charge for items which we consider appropriate.

We regret that we do not provide valuations for items which are of a type or value that is typically not sold at Coinworks. 

What kind of information is needed to submit a valuation estimate request?

For this service, our specialists require the following information for each item: - Clear colour images front

and back and if known the provenance (the history of the item and how it was acquired).

If I submit an item for a valuation estimate, am I required to sell it with Coinworks?

If you submit your item(s) for valuation with us you are

under no obligation to sell with Coinworks.

I have submitted items for valuation – when can I expect a reply from Coinworks?

Please expect a response within 3–4 days. We will review your items, and, if suitable for sale through 

Coinworks, will then provide a retail estimate and recommendations on the best way to sell it.

I represent a family estate. What if I would like Coinworks to value the many items within this estate?

Please Contact Us for more information. 

Are there any fees or costs for selling my item with Coinworks?

Before consigning your item(s), we will contact you to discuss all terms and conditions. Coinworks charges a single Seller’s Commission rate for the services we provide. 

It is calculated on each item as a fixed percentage. This rate includes marketing costs, photography, and insurance cover. 

Does Coinworks have a minimum consignment value?

Coinworks has a minimum consignment value of $10,000. 

What type of coins & banknotes do Coinworks sell?

For the most part Coinworks tend to sell rare Australian coins and banknotes. For example, 1930 Penny, 1813 Holey Dollar and 1813 Dump, Adelaide 

Pounds Type I and Type II and copper and silver Proof coinage. Contact Us for more detailed information. 

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PO Box 1060 Hawksburn Victoria Australia 3142

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