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One of the most frequently asked questions from buyers is … “so what happens when I want to sell?”

Our very quick response is that we will want the coins back.

And that’s an important point.

Coinworks sells material that we want to have back.

Coinworks sells top quality rarities. We have built our reputation on having access to the very best.

So when we sell the best. We will always want the best back because there is only a finite number of truly top coins out in the market place.

We service clients in four ways.

  1. Coinworks sells pieces that we want to retain in our ‘stable’ of coins.
  2. Coinworks sells quality pieces at prices that we believe will embrace growth.
  3. Coinworks works through promotions and articles that will expand and promote that area of the market to underpin or accelerate demand.
  4. By selling coins that we want to have back we provide clients with an exit strategy that aims to deliver them a profit.  

And if your material was not acquired from Coinworks ....

Coinworks is a leader in the numismatic market and has a proven track record in brokering private sales.

Coinworks maximises the return to vendors by showcasing each coin and banknote on our web site or in specialised catalogues. 

Once we have determined that your product is appropriate for sale at Coinworks, our specialists will arrange every detail, from establishing estimates, confirming commission rates, organising photography and establishing sales strategies. 

Photography and marketing services are provided free of charge. Your product will also be insured, and again free of charge.

If we do not believe that we are the best company to sell your product then we will, independently, recommend selling options. 

Stock levels permitting, Coinworks buys coins and banknotes outright. In fact, a major source of our stock comes from our clients

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