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Coinworks is one of the leading pre-decimal Australian coin dealers. We sell and buy pre-decimal Australian coins; our area of expertise covers the years 1788 to 1965, the year before decimal changeover.

We cater for collectors Australia wide - and worldwide - so if you are looking for a pre-decimal coin dealer in Australia that has the facilities for you buy pre-decimal Australian coins online, Coinworks is an excellent choice.  


Every piece acquired from Coinworks is individually photographed. We do not use generic photographs so “what you see is what you get”. We also guarantee the authenticity and quality of the items we sell.

When you buy pre-decimal coins, you are buying a sense of rarity. Australia’s ceased production of pre-decimal coins in 1965, prior to decimal changeover in 1966. The supply of pre-decimal coins is therefore finite. No more are being produced.

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Why buy pre-decimal coins?

When you buy a pre-decimal coin you are also buying a piece of history and in so doing you are preserving Australia’s heritage for future generations. And you are owning something very special. The rarer the coin, the more special it is.

The value of pre-decimal coins from Australia holds up very well.

Australia is recognised worldwide as having a strong secondary market for pre-decimal coins. The reason is simply that Australia is a young nation, with a relatively small population. The mintages of coins required to service the population were correspondingly small: fewer pre-decimal Australian coins were minted.

It doesn't necessarily mean that all Australian pre-decimal coins are rare. Pre-decimal coins do vary greatly in rarity due to the numbers originally struck. The Melbourne Mint struck more than 2.5 million pennies in 1929. But only 1500 in 1930 making the 1930 Penny in today’s market extremely rare.

Apart from rarity, the main thing that determines an Australian pre-decimal coin's value is its condition. Coins that have seen a lot of rough handling will in the main have a lower value than coins that are pristine.

All of these factors, the quality and the rarity, make collecting coins as much of an investment as it is an interesting hobby. Grading and valuing coins is, however, a science requiring expert training and plenty of experience to be absolutely certain of arriving at an accurate valuation.

This is why most buyers prefer to put their trust in expert coin dealers such as Coinworks, knowing that they'll be getting authentic coins at correct market rates. It takes all the uncertainty out of coin buying, so people can buy with confidence.

What you can expect from Coinworks

Coinworks is a member of the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association Inc. (ANDA), and is compliant with the by-laws of the association.  This means you can trust the integrity and professionalism of Coinworks in every transaction.

The services provided by Coinworks include:

  • Buying and selling coins, banknotes, and similar items
  • Performing valuations
  • Sourcing coins that are difficult to find
  • Coin storage services


All coins (or other collectables) sold by Coinworks come with a guarantee of authenticity. Products will always match their description perfectly, and are handled and stored with the utmost care.

Coins stored on behalf of customers are secured in bank vaults, fully insured by Lloyds of London.

For those wishing to sell to us, you are assured of a fair price, as assessed by our highly skilled coin and banknote valuers. Our prices are backed by comprehensive market knowledge and experience and we are happy to provide the information that supports our assessment.

An Australian pre-decimal coin's value can be affected by a range of different factors. The rarity of the coin, the condition of the coin and the current state of the market. Our knowledge and our experience means that we know those aspects that affect the value of your pre-decimal coins.

As a seller, there is no obligation to accept our valuation. We can only assure you that it will be a fair assessment.

How to do business with Coinworks as a seller

If you are a seller, then the first step is to contact us by email or phone and discuss the items you have for sale. Then make an appointment to come and visit us at our offices at Suite 17, 210 Toorak Road, South Yarra. This will give you the fastest possible valuation.

Subject to stock levels we may also decide to make an outright purchase of your rare Australian pre-decimal coins.

If you are a seller, then you also have the option of placing your items with Coinworks on sale by consignment. This gives sellers access to the powerful resources and market reach of Coinworks to help them connect easily with serious buyers. While the process may be a little slower it can potentially provide a higher margin.

Our recent sales, as shown on our web site, speaks volumes of our sales record.

We are a specialist company. We don’t buy every pre-decimal coin or banknote. Nor do we sell every pre-decimal coin or banknote. For this reason if we don’t believe that we are the correct company to handle the sale of your items, we will provide you with an independent assessment of the company that is most suitable.

How to do business with Coinworks as a buyer

Coinworks fully researches the background of all the items it sells, establishing clear title. As a buyer therefore, you can be confident that the coins you buy are from a trustworthy source. Coinworks inventory also is properly authenticated, and offered at fair market value.

We're very proud of the quality and the special nature of the products we sell, so it's only natural we're happy to have them back again. That’s comforting for you as a potential buyer and as a seller further down the line.

We also offer buyers the opportunity of storing coins with us at our Safety Deposit facilities, fully insured by Lloyds of London. This is particularly important for those buyers acquiring coins through their superannuation funds, ensuring that they are ATO compliant.

We have the best range of pre-decimal Australian coins online. When we say that, we're not talking about quantity, but quality and rarity. That’s why we have developed a strategy that, when you want to liquidate your holding of coins,  always come back to us first and give us the opportunity of selling your coins.

The best way to become familiar with the kind of stock we hold and the general values is by viewing our catalogues. You can also see some of our most special pre-decimal coin offerings that are available right now in our online gallery.

Coinworks specialise in collectable and rare Australian coins. We have a great range of old Australian coins online as well as a collection of pre decimal Australian coins.

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PO Box 1060 Hawksburn Victoria Australia 3142

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