How to Build a Collection of Australian Rare Coins


Your guide to starting an Australian Rare Coin Collection. Coinworks specialists share their insights. 

Coinworks focuses solely on the buying and selling of Australian rare coins. We offer pieces you simply won't find elsewhere. And quality you won't find elsewhere. The first step in making a rare coin purchase is to work through a budget. The second step is to find an area of the market that is in line with your ideals or your preferences. We offer a snapshot of Australia's most popular and sought after coin rarities.

1930 PENNY

For most collectors looking to enter the Australian rare currency market, the 1930 Penny is their first choice. It's a comfortable choice. The piece is a national icon and its star status has made it one of Australia’s most popular rare coins. The 1930 Penny is available in a range of qualities and prices starting at $20,000. Read more ...

The 1930 Penny

SQUARE PENNY 1919 -1921

In 1919, the Government produced prototypes of a new Australian coinage with a kookaburra on it, the aim to bolster national sentiment. A new square shape was part of the deal to guarantee public awareness. The coins are extremely rare and their novel shape makes them very popular. Read more ... 

The Kookaburra Square Penny


The Holey Dollar is the nation’s first coin struck in 1813 under the direction of Governor Lachlan Macquarie. Extremely rare, it is one of Australia's most desirable coins. Talk to private collectors that own one and they will tell you that the Holey Dollar is the jewel in their collection. Read more ...

The 1813 Holey Dollar

1813 DUMP

Governor Lachlan Macquarie created two coins out of one when he cut a hole in a Spanish Silver Dollar. He created the 1813 Holey Dollar, With a value of five shillings. And the circular disc that fell out of the hole was over-stamped and became the 1813 Dump, its value fifteen pence. Read more ...

The 1813 Dump


The Adelaide One Pound is the nation’s first gold coin. It was struck in 1852 at the South Australian Government Assay Office, Adelaide using gold that had been brought overland from the Victorian gold fields. Designed by jeweller, Joshua Payne, the coin is a classic piece of Australiana and has timeless appeal. Read more ...

The 1852 Adelaide Pound


Nothing compares to the allure of gold, particularly when it comes in the form of an Australian sovereign struck to PROOF quality. The coins are visually stunning, distinguished by brilliant golden-mirror surfaces. They are extremely rare and ultra-exclusive and have been the hunting ground of investors for decades. Read more ...

The Proof 1889 Sovereign


Today’s decimal collectors can buy a coin or a coin set 24/7. Collectors in the pre-decimal era however, were starved for collectibles and between 1916 and 1953, the Melbourne Mint released only eight issues. And in the most limited of numbers. The most famous of these is the Proof 1927 Canberra Florin. Read more ... 

The Proof 1927 Canberra Florin


The discovery of gold in 1851 instigated an extraordinary chapter in Australia's history, transforming the economy and the nation's social order. It also forced the hand of the British Government to sanction the opening of the first branch of the Royal Mint London in Sydney. On 23 June 1855, the Sydney Mint issued its first sovereign. Read more … 

The 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign

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