The Mortimer Hammel 1852 Adelaide Pound Type 2

The Mortimer Hammel 1852 Adelaide Pound Type 2
The Mortimer Hammel 1852 Adelaide Pound Type 2
Brilliant Uncirculated
Private Collection Sydney
There are Adelaide Pounds. And then there is the HAMMEL Adelaide Pound, so named because it was formerly owned by one of the world's greatest 20th century gold coin collectors, Mortimer Hammel. It is one of the absolute finest examples of Australia’s first gold coin and when viewed it simply glows. Its highly lustrous, brilliant state implies that the coin must have been put aside soon after minting and has had special care ever since its striking. The person who acquires this Adelaide Pound will take their place in history, permanently associating themselves with both the coin and the famous Hammel name.
Sold October 2019.
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Acquiring an 1852 Adelaide Pound in Uncirculated quality is a difficult enough task. (We estimate that we might sell one such coin every three to four years.)

But this coin is not just graded Uncirculated. It is assigned the far higher rating of Brilliant Uncirculated which reflects the stunning state of the fields.

This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity.
The lustrous condition of the Hammel Adelaide Pound indicates that for the coin’s lifetime, every owner has absolutely known that it was special.
Over and above the fields, the coin is incredibly well struck and is certainly impressive.

The cross on the orb at the top of the crown, the pearls, the fleur-de-lis and the lower band of the crown are all perfectly defined.

It also has exceptional strength in the legend and the denticles.

The Hammel Adelaide Pound was part of the Mortimer Hammel Collection, a name and collection so esteemed in numismatic folklore that it adds a special cachet to any coin associated with it.

Mortimer Hammel's preference was gold coins and he was particularly drawn to coins in the highest state of preservation. Such as this coin and his Cracked Die Adelaide Pound.

His entire Collection of 1086 coins was auctioned in the U.S. in September 1982 by Stacks New York.

One hundred and twenty four coins were photographed and featured in the Catalogue.

Testimony to the calibre of Hammel's Australian coins, both were photographed.

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