1813 Dump

1813 Colonial Dump Fine small B&B October
1813 Colonial Dump Fine obv small B&B October
1813 Dump
1813 Dump
Private Collection Melbourne
Sold December 2017
A coin does not have to be ‘the finest known’ to appeal to us for we recognise that there is a market for the 1813 Dump at all quality levels and all dollar levels. When William Henshall created the nation's first coin, the 1813 Dump, he punched a hole into a Spanish Silver Dollar. The Dump was the centre piece that fell out of the Dollar, over stamped with its value of fifteen pence, date of 1813, a crown and the issuing authority of New South Wales. While we acknowledge this coin has undergone circulation (if only it could talk) it has all the details that define an 1813 Dump and clearly reflects its origins by showing the design of the original Spanish Dollar from which it was created; a much sought after and seldom seen quality. This is an affordable example of Henshall’s masterpiece, struck with the A/1 dies, offered at a price that won’t break the bank.
1813 Colonial Dump Fine obv small B&B October
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This 1813 Dump offers every notable aspect that you could be looking for in an example of Australia's first silver coin, the News South Wales Fifteen Pence.

It was struck using the Type A/1 dies, noted for producing Dumps that are well centred. And aesthetically pleasing.

The coin has:

  • A clear legend, New South Wales
  • Clear value of fifteen pence
  • A strong legible date, 1813
  • A strong crown, showing the pearls and fleur-de-lis
  • Evidence of the oblique milling around the edge
  • Evidence of the design of the original eight reales from which the Dump was created, shown around the edge of the coin, encircling the words 'Fifteen Pence'.


As Australia’s first coin, the Dump has a place in history that can never be undermined by the passing of time.

Quite the reverse, as time passes, its importance and its value, can only be strengthened.


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