1957 Perth Mint Proof Penny

1957 Perth Mint Proof Penny
1957 Perth Mint Proof Penny
1957 Perth Mint Proof Penny
Private Collection Melbourne
$ 3000
In an interview conducted in 2013, journalist Anthony Black asked Coinworks to list ten coin rarities that were priced below $ 5000 and that, in our opinion, were destined for growth. The Proof Sets struck by the Melbourne Mint and Perth Mint - between 1955 and 1963 - were high on our list of recommendations. This 1957 Perth Mint Proof Penny is one such set.
Sold March 2015
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The series of proof sets struck between 1955 and 1963 is a perfect entry point into the Australian rare coin market. Limited edition collector sets at very affordable prices.

In 1957 the Perth Mint was instructed by Treasury to strike the nation’s circulating pennies. No halfpennies were required to be struck. And the order for our silver coins in 1957 went to the Melbourne Mint.

Legislation therefore enabled the Perth Mint to pursue its collector proof coining program by striking a limited number of pennies only to proof quality. The mintage of the 1957 Perth Mint Proof Penny is recorded as 1112.

This coin is a blazing orange example from the original mintage and has been brilliantly preserved. You would be lucky to sight one or two similar calibre 1957 Perth Proof Pennies at auction annually.

And it’s the quality and the rarity of these coins that will underpin their financial growth.

Read more about the series of Proof Sets, 1955 to 1963

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