1921 Kookaburra Square Penny design type 11.

1921 Kookaburra Square Penny design type 11.
1921 Kookaburra Square Penny design type 11.
Superb Choice Uncirculated with handsome antique toning and highly reflective mirror fields
Private Collection Queensland
A new doctrine must have been taken up by the Melbourne Mint in 1921 when it struck the Square Penny featuring the design type 11. Perhaps the change reflected the appointment of passionate collector, Albert Le Souef, as Deputy Master of the Melbourne Mint in June of the same year. We know that the mintage of the Type 11 was tiny. And the coins tend to be well struck, the design highly detailed. And the fields are highly reflective almost as though they were minted to proof quality. Of course, how a coin starts at the mint - and how it ends up one hundred years later - can be poles apart. But this Square Penny must have been cherished by its original owner, and those thereafter, for it has been brilliantly preserved and is a stunner. Technical shots are provided.
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The 1921 Type 11 Square Penny has a unique design.  

The 1921 Kookaburra Square Penny is a great Australian coin rarity, an Aussie classic.

And, the Type 11 Square Penny, with the kookaburra resting on a branch, has a design that is unique to its type. No other square penny type bears that design.

The coin is cherished by collectors for its novel square shape, perfect kookaburra motif. And for the evocative memories it stirs up of Australia as a nation post-World War I.

This 1921 Type 11 Square Penny is as elegant as it is rare. 

Our estimate is that in a lifetime of collecting only twenty 1921 Type 11 Square Pennies would become available to collectors. (We compare that to the 1930 Penny, where 1000 to 1500 coins are thought to exist.)

This is a minuscule number when you consider that the twenty coins are never going to be slapped onto a table in one hit and offered for sale at the one time.

So how often can a buyer realistically expect to see a 1921 Type 11 on the market?

Our research, and our experience, confirms that you might expect to be offered a Type 11 Square Penny every year, or perhaps every two years.

And as we know not every Square Penny looks like the coin we are offering. Many have been poorly handled over time reducing the pool of quality examples available to collectors.

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The history of the Square Penny.

The introduction of the Kookaburra Square Penny underpinned an attempt by the then Labor Government to stir up national sentiment post World War I. To evoke the great 'Aussie' spirit. If you think about it. Putting the nation’s native bird - the kookaburra - onto a coin was a no-brainer to achieving that goal. A drastically changed shape, a square and a new metal - cupronickel - was part of the total package to maximise impact on the population ...

read more on the history of the square penny series

Handsome antique toning and stunning mirror fields and a design that is unique to the Type 11.


A deeply etched portrait of George V, handsome antique toning and stunning mirror fields.


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