1886 Melbourne Mint Shield Sovereign

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1886 Melbourne Mint Shield Sovereign
1886 Melbourne Mint Shield Sovereign
Barrie Winsor Collection
$ 75,000
The 1886 Shield Sovereign is a prized collector piece. Australia’s Queen Victoria Shield Sovereigns are recognized for their scarcity the world over, and the 1886 Melbourne the rarest of them all. And this particular 1886 Shield Sovereign is the finest known. An endorsement of its quality it is even superior to the example that appeared in the legendary Quartermaster Collection. This combination of rarity and quality is impossible to beat.
Sold October 2016
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You will note the name Barrie Winsor is attached to this coin. Now retired, Winsor’s speciality was gold coins and he was the guiding hand behind the assemblage of the famous Quartermaster Gold Coin Collection.

The Quartermaster Collection is legendary. So too its formation for it took Barrie Winsor more than two decades, and a lifetime of knowledge, to put the collection together for avid gold coin collector Tom Hadley.

The time involved in completing the collection reflected the rarity of the key dates and the quality level sought by both Winsor and his collector client, Hadley.

It is a strong statement on the calibre of this coin that it is superior to the Quartermaster coin.

This is an exciting opportunity for the gold sovereign devotee. Or simply the investor looking to tuck something away for the future.

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