Why Choose Coinworks?


Client commitment when buying or selling.

Coinworks has a long and successful history in the Australian rare coin and banknote industry.

Whether you're looking to acquire a rare coin or banknote - or streamline an existing collection - our team is ready to guide you through the process with an on-going commitment to achieve your financial goals.

We also provide you with the reassurance that, stock levels permitting, we buy back coins and banknotes. In fact, a major source of our stock comes from our own clients.

A reputation built on knowledge

Coinworks has a reputation among clients, and industry peers, as the best in the business. What has built this reputation is a thorough knowledge of the industry, the market dynamics, the location and provenance of prized pieces. Rare currency is one business where such knowledge really counts.

Hand in hand with knowledge and information goes experience. Not simply time spent in the business but the experience that comes from dealing with the very best examples that have ever come to light. Our people haven’t just heard of these rarities, they’ve bought and they have sold them. They have experienced them.

Access to quality, at all dollar levels

When you choose Coinworks as your partner in the collection of rare currency, you are guaranteed access to the very best. While it is true that our record breaking sales make headlines, it is also true that we cater for buyers at all dollar levels.

Having dealt with the finest pieces over many years, we have points of comparison that come, not just from books and catalogues, but from our own personal experience. This experience enables us to acutely assess an item’s potential.

Price awareness

To achieve your investment goals, pricing is critical. We can demonstrate how the dynamics of the rare currency market can work for you by protecting your wealth in the short term and accruing capital gain over a given time span.

Coinworks resources

Our resources are the Coinworks rare currency experts who know where the best pieces are housed and are able to assess current values, availability and potential value into the future.

Authenticity and Guarantees

Coinworks guarantees the authenticity and quality of the numismatic rarities we sell to our clients.

Coinworks uses recognised industry grading guidelines, which form part of the constitution by-laws of the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association Inc. (ANDA). Coinworks is a current member of ANDA.

Annual valuations and secure storage

Annual valuations are provided free of charge on those items acquired through Coinworks.

Your valuable currency will be kept secure by Coinworks in bank vault storage, free of any charges. And your pieces are insured (at no charge) through Lloyds of London.

Past performance of investments and other financial matters is no indication of future returns or performance.

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