Proof 1935 Halfpenny

Proof 1935 Halfpenny
Proof 1935 Halfpenny
FDC, with light smoky toning and underlying brilliance on both obverse and reverse.
Private Collection NSW
We liked this Proof 1935 Halfpenny, the minute we saw it. The coin is impressive with great eye appeal, a quality proof striking. The design details are crisp and strong, the toning handsome with hints of original copper brilliance on both obverse and reverse. And this proof coin is rare. Moreover, at $7500 it is affordable. Held in the one collection since 1995, this Proof 1935 Halfpenny is available now.
Sold April 2020
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This Proof 1935 Halfpenny was struck at the Melbourne Mint and was minted purely as a collectors item, to sell to the collecting public on a commercial basis.

The mintage was a minuscule 125 coins.

What makes this coin so special, and sought after, is its rarity.

And its historical significance for 1935 was one of the very rare occasions out of this era when the Melbourne Mint actually struck proof coins commercially.

If you are a collector familiar with today's Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint decimal issues, then this statement may come as a surprise. Today's collectors are presented with an avalanche of proof coins to choose from annually.

But, in the twentieth century collectors were not afforded the same luxury.


Between 1916 and 1953 there were only six years when the Melbourne Mint struck proof coins to sell to the collecting public.

  1.     1927, the famous Canberra Florin
  2.     1934, silver and copper proofs
  3.     1935, copper proofs only
  4.     1937, the famous 1937 Crown
  5.     1938, silver and copper proofs
  6.     1939, copper halfpenny only

That's very few occasions. And, as with the Proof 1935 Halfpenny, the mintages were minuscule.

What also has to be remembered is that there was no fancy packaging in presenting proofs out of this era.

So while a mintage of 125 is small, the pool of available Proof 1935 Halfpennies becomes even smaller once you factor in quality.

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