Proof 1931 Penny

1931 Proof Penny FDC Reverse February 2019
1931 Proof Penny FDC Obverse February 2019
Proof 1931 Penny
Proof 1931 Penny
Sold June 2019
Noble Numismatics July 2001, The Madrid Collection of Australian Rare Coins.
A provenance can say a lot about a coin. And it speaks volumes about this superb Proof 1931 Penny for it was especially selected for the owner of the Madrid Collection of Australian Rare coins in 2001. A passionate collector of Australian proof coppers, his clear buying focus was for QUALITY and RARITY and he found both with this coin. Superb crisp design detail under handsome light smoky toning. Smooth fields. His quest for rarity was satisfied in the knowledge that only three Proof 1931 Pennies were known. There was one other attribute that inspired the owner of the Madrid Collection of Australian Rare Coins. He respected and appreciated the importance of 'key dates' and sought them out whenever the opportunity arose. And he was keenly aware that the year '1931' is an important date in the penny series.
1931 Proof Penny FDC Obverse February 2019
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This Proof 1931 Penny was especially struck at the Melbourne Mint as a limited mintage collector piece.

The coin is regarded as one of Australia's great Commonwealth coin rarities.

The Proof 1931 Penny shares a bond with the Proof 1930 Penny and the Proof 1925 Penny.

All three proof coins are limited mintage presentation (collector) strikings of Australia’s key date circulating pennies.

And important as such.

  • In the case of the 1930 Penny, approximately 1500 coins are believed to have filtered their way into circulation.
  • In the case of the year 1925, 117,000 pennies were minted for circulation.
  • The wheels at the Melbourne Mint were grinding very slowly in 1931 for Australia was still working its way through the Great Depression. The mintage of pennies was 494,000.

The striking of ‘collector’ coins - better known as proof coins - in Australia is not a modern-day phenomenon. Nor a product of the decimal era.

The nation’s mints were striking proofs of our pre-decimal coinage in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The intention was then, as it is today, to create limited mintage collector coins struck to the highest quality standards.

But with two very glaring differences. The mintages more than a century ago were minuscule. And their striking was sporadic.

The quality and the rarity of pre-decimal proof coins in today’s market is the very reason why they became the choice of both collectors and investors.  


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