1919 Kookaburra Square Penny Type 3

1919 Kookaburra Square Penny Type 3
1919 Kookaburra Square Penny Type 3
SOLD 26/10/2023
The Type 7 1920 Kookaburra Square Penny is exceedingly rare, and to offer an example in such superb quality is a privilege. Testimony to its rarity, a Type 7 last appeared at a major public auction seven years ago. And it was certainly nowhere near the quality of this coin. This is a Choice Uncirculated example of one of the nation’s glamour coins, the 1920 Kookaburra Square Penny. That the coin is priced at the same level as a Very Fine 1930 Penny (and yet is far scarcer) reflects the value that it offers.
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For date, rarity and price, the 1920 Type 7 Kookaburra Square Penny is the pick of the bunch.

For the buyer contemplating a Kookaburra Square Penny, four considerations should be foremost.

The first is the quality. The Square Pennies were test pieces and were not struck to the heady controls of a proof striking. As the coins were passed to the public for opinions and comments, many have been mishandled.

Our comments are as follows. This coin is superb for quality. Take it through the light and you would be forgiven for thinking that it was minted to proof quality, the fields are like mirrors. And it is well struck, the details in the legend, portrait and the kookaburra are strongly three-dimensional. Could you improve upon the quality of this coin? We doubt it!

The second consideration is the date. The Kookaburra Square Pennies were struck in 1919, 1920 and 1921.

Our comments are as follows. The year 1920 is regarded as the 'glamour' year of the series for it hosts some of the rarest and most famous coins of the Australian numismatic industry. It's a stunning line-up that includes Australia's rarest florin, the 1920 Star Florin, one of Australia's most valuable shillings, the 1920 Star Shilling. Australia's most valuable sovereign, the 1920 Sydney Mint Sovereign. And, of course, the 1920 Kookaburra Pennies.

The third consideration is its rarity. The year (1919, 1920, 1921), the style of the kookaburra and the style of lettering is critical to assessing the coin’s rarity. It is statement of fact that all Square Pennies are rare, but some designs are far rarer than others. But, as you would expect, with that rarity comes a higher price tag.

Our comments are as follows. The Type 7 is extremely rare with an estimated twelve examples available to collectors. We might see a Type 7 on the market every four to five years.  

The fourth consideration is the price. Given its quality assignation of Choice Uncirculated and its rarity, the 1920 Type 7 Square Penny is priced to market at $50,000.

Our comments are as follows. This 1920 Square Penny is priced at the same level as a high quality Very Fine 1930 Penny and yet is far, far scarcer.

Summary statement. The Kookaburra Square Pennies are classic Australian coin rarities. Their shape and their design makes them simply engaging and they never fail to please.

In our view, for date, rarity and for price, the 1920 Type 7 Kookaburra Square Penny is the pick of the bunch.


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