Gold Proclamation Guinea, Ducat and Mohur

Gold Proclamation Guinea, Ducat and Mohur
Gold Proclamation Guinea, Ducat and Mohur
Gold Proclamation Guinea, Ducat and Mohur
$ 4250
Sold December 2016
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Private Collection Sydney
In 1800, the Governor of New South Wales, Philip Gidley King, issued a Government Proclamation to standardise the value of foreign coins circulating in the colony. This fledgling mix of currency is today highly regarded and highly sought by collectors of early Australiana and is referred to as the ‘Proclamation’ coins. In essence they were the first coins to be officially sanctioned within the colony. Three of the more valuable gold Proclamation pieces were the British Spade Guinea, the Netherlands Ducat and the Indian Mohur offered here.
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  • The British Spade Guinea was roughly 3 days wages for a skilled tradesman in the colony which suggests that Guineas arrived in the colony amongst the effects of affluent settlers. Financial transactions involving the Guinea appeared in print in the Sydney Gazette as early as 1803. The Guinea on offer is dated 1788 and is presented in a quality level of Extremely Fine.
  • The Netherlands Ducat was a highly desirable trade coin. History records that Captain Arthur Phillip carried gold ducats with him on the First Fleet in 1788. Advertisements appeared in the Sydney Gazette in 1803 offering to buy Ducats at 16s, a 70 per cent premium on their proclaimed value of 9s 6d. The Ducat on offer is dated 1802 and is presented in a quality level of Extremely Fine.
  • The Indian Mohur was the third most valuable coin listed in King’s Proclamation and was the equivalent of 8 days wages for the average colonial worker. Given its value, the mohur would have only been handled by the wealthiest merchants in the colony. The mohur offered here is presented in a quality level of about Uncirculated.

This stunning trio of gold proclamation coins presents a tangible and historical record of our early days of settlement and is an important addition to collectors of early Australiana.

 Proclamation Table of Specie £  s. d. 
 A Guinea 1 2 0
 A Johanna  4 0  0
 A Half Johanna  2 0  0
 A Ducat     9 6
 A Gold Mohur 1 17 6
 A Pagoda    8  0
 A Spanish Dollar  5  0  
 A Rupee  2  6  
 A Dutch Guilder  2  0  
 An English Shilling    1  8
 A Copper Coin of One ounce      2


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