Five quality coin offerings. Two quality banknotes. All priced below $20,000.

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Five quality coin offerings. Two quality banknotes. All priced below $20,000.
Five quality coin offerings. Two quality banknotes. All priced below $20,000.
See individual pieces.
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See individual pieces.
Christmas is as exciting as it is frantically busy. So, with the festive season rapidly approaching, we are making it easier for you to shop at Coinworks by condensing seven offers from our web into this one E News. Five coin offerings and two banknotes. High quality pieces. Key dates. And all are priced below $20,000. Once sold we know that they are going to be difficult to replace ... the very reason why we say they are worth a look. And in the spirit of Christmas, we are giving away a free 1923 Halfpenny with every purchase made via this offer. Or a purchase from Browse & Buy. Offer closes 31 December 2018.
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1918 Perth Half Sovereign Unc rev August 2018
1918 Perth Half Sovereign Unc obv August 2018

Coin:           1918 Perth Mint Half Sovereign

Quality:      Uncirculated

Price:           $15,000

Collectors appreciate quality. And collectors appreciate coins that define an era, either the very first or the very last.

Coins such as this Uncirculated George V 1918 Perth Mint Half Sovereign. It is a superb quality example of Australia’s very last half sovereign.

Note the strength of detail in the rider’s leg. This is an area of inherent weakness in most 1918 Perth Mint Half Sovereigns. But definitely not so with this coin.

Collectors also appreciate rarity and an Uncirculated 1918 Perth Mint Half Sovereign is profoundly rare.

We reflect on the fact that we are keen buyers of the ‘1918 Perth’ in top quality .

But we haven’t been able to acquire an example on the open market for at least five years.

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Coin:             1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign

Quality:        Extremely Fine

Price:            $18,500

Every collector that is interested in pursuing the Australian sovereign series must at some point in time contemplate the purchase of the nation's very first sovereign, the 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign.

But buyers should note that the coins are not always available, particularly in this quality level.

So, if you have been sitting back waiting for the right '55 Sovereign to come along. At the right price. Then this coin is for you.

It’s a high-quality coin with standout traits that are clearly visible to the naked eye. Minimal marks in the fields and original lustre in the legend on both the obverse and reverse. And if you would like technical shots, just email us and we will be happy to oblige.

We also believe that the 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign is a nice coin to tuck away for the future.

A quick comparison between the 1855 Sovereign and the 1852 Adelaide Pound clearly shows that in comparable quality, the  Sovereign is four times as rare as the Pound. And yet priced well below. That’s an anomaly that, over time, will change.

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1855 Sydney Mint Sov date side mood July 2018
1855 Sydney Mint Sov non date side mood July 2018

1955-63 PDP's Group Shot October 2018

Coin:        Melbourne & Perth Mint Proof Coins

Quality:    FDC   

Price:        Available individually

The Melbourne and Perth Proofs struck from 1955 to 1963 come high on our list of recommendations to clients. High quality coins, extremely rare and at affordable prices. A nice little nest-egg to tuck away for children or grandchildren. Or for your own pleasure.

A list of the sets available is shown below. 

  • 1955 Melbourne Proof Set. $4950. The copper penny is simply stunning. And that’s not to overlook the silver proofs, for the shilling, sixpence and threepence are equally so.
  • 1960 Perth Mint Proof Penny & Halfpenny. $4950. Supreme quality matched pair.   
  • 1961 Perth Mint Proof Penny & Halfpenny$4950. Supreme quality matched pair.
  • 1962 Perth Mint Proof Penny & Halfpenny. $4950. Supreme quality matched pair.
  • 1963 Perth Mint Proof Penny & Halfpenny. $4950. Supreme quality matched pair.
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Note:         1933 Riddle Sheehan One Pound R28

Quality:     Uncirculated

Price:        $3250 SOLD

That great value is to be had in the banknote market is clearly evidenced in this George V One Pound issued with the Riddle Sheehan signature combination.

You can tick every box. 

The note introduced a new design, and that’s important to collectors. At Uncirculated, the quality can’t be improved upon. Issued in an era that is especially popular, that of George V. And offered at a price that is very affordable.

This is a top-quality banknote. Uncirculated, as fresh as the day it was printed. Crisp and clean with razor sharp edges and strong colour.

it's everything you would want in a top-quality banknote. Including the price. 

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scan 1 1934 Riddle Sheehan £1 Rev
Riddle Sheehan £1 obverse July 2018

1871 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign YH Shield Brilliant Unc rev B & B October 2018
1900 Melbourne Mint Half Sovereign Veilded Head Choice Unc obv B & B October 2018

Coin:        1900 Veiled Head Half Sovereign

Quality:   Choice Uncircluated

Price:       $12,000

This coin is a superb 'turn-of-the-century' Veiled Head Half Sovereign from the Melbourne Mint and was a part of the famed Quartermaster Collection owned by Tom Hadley. 

Gold coin specialist and Government valuer, Barrie Winsor, had the privilege, and the pleasure, of cataloguing the Reserve Bank of Australia (R.B.A.) inventory that was sold by Australian Coin Auctions in 2005.

Right from the outset, Winsor had several pieces in his sights, including this choice 1900 Melbourne Mint Half Sovereign.

He was not alone in the assessment of this half sovereign.

Winsor was forced to ward off stiff opposition in the auction room, eventually acquiring the coin for $10,500 on a pre-auction estimate of $6000.

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Note:        1967 Coombs Randall $5 Specimen

Quality:     Uncirculated

Price:        $5500

Specimen notes are fully printed examples of circulating banknotes overprinted with the word 'SPECIMEN' in red to render them "not negotiable".

The overprint makes the notes distinctively different, extremely rare and highly sought after. 

Printed before the first commercial run, Specimen notes were mainly presented to VIPs. They were also used as reference material for the major banks and financial institutions.

This $5 Specimen note was produced in 1967 as part of Australia's decimal currency conversion program and bears the signatures of Coombs and Randall.

It is defined as a Type 1 Specimen note, distinguished by the small oval in the watermarked area containing the word Specimen.

The note carries the first serial prefix of the $5 issue, NAA and also bears the exalted serial numbers 000000 and is presented in strict Uncirculated quality.

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1967 $5 Type 1 Coombs Randall Specimen Note back July 2018
1967 $5 Type 1 Coombs Randall Specimen Note front July 2018

1887 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign Jubilee Head Choice Unc rev B & B October 2018
1887 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign Jubilee Head Choice Unc obv B & B October 2018

Coin:         1887 Jubilee Head Half Sovereign

Quality:    Choice Uncirculated

Price:        $7000

Queen Victoria succeeded to the British throne on 20 June 1837. Fifty years later she celebrated her golden Jubilee.

A new obverse portrait was introduced on Australia's half sovereigns to commemorate the occasion, the design running from 1887 to 1893 inclusive.

This superb Half Sovereign was struck in 1887 at the Sydney Mint and features the normal J.E.B Jubilee design.

The coin reflects the Barrie Winsor touch. And collector Tom Hadley's aspirations to acquire the very best.

It was acquired by Winsor for Hadley's Quartermaster Collection from the 2005 Reserve Bank of Australia Auction.

Choice Uncirculated with superb details, unblemished edges and smooth fields. A superb coin that opened a new era of coining history.

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