British Guiana, 1808 Holey Dollar and Dump

British Guiana Holey Dollar and Dump Rev
British Guiana, 1808 Holey Dollar and Dump
British Guiana, 1808 Holey Dollar and Dump
Holey Dollar (Very Fine) Dump (Extremely Fine)
Holey Dollar - Glendinings London 1978, R. J. Ford Collection Spink London 1990, R. Climpson Collection. Dump - R. Climpson Collection.
In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Spanish Silver Dollar was a universally accepted coin. And a universally adapted coin. It was the piece that Governor Lachlan Macquarie turned to for his Holey Dollars and Dumps, the very first coins struck on Australian soil. The story is well known … convicted forger, William Henshall, enlisted by Macquarie to cut a hole in the Spanish Silver Dollars and re-stamp them to turn them into Australia’s very first coins. It was a process that overseas governments also took up when they needed to supplement their currency. This extremely rare British Guiana Holey Dollar and Dump re-affirms the versatility and adaptability of the Spanish Silver Dollar in augmenting currencies the world over.
British Guiana Holey Dollar and Dump Obv
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This Holey Dollar was struck in 1808 on a 1792 Mexico Mint Spanish Silver Dollar and is pierced with a hole etched by 19 notches.

The obverse of the Holey Dollar is counter-stamped ‘E & D 3GL’ to confirm the issuing authority of Essequibo and Demerary and the monetary value of 3 Guilders, both of which reflect British Guiana’s early Dutch colonisation.

Essequibo and Demerary were the names of the original colonies settled by the Dutch in 1796 in what would later become British Guiana.

The colony is situated on the northern coast of South America and is now known as Guyana.

The Dump, also struck in 1808, was the centre plug that fell out of the hole during the striking of the British Guiana Holey Dollar.

It has 19 notches and is counter stamped ‘E & D 3BT’ to confirm the issuing authority of Essequibo and Demerary and its monetary value of 3 bits (equal to 15 Dutch stiver).

In a quality level of Extremely fine, this British Guiana Dump shows minimal circulation and is extremely well preserved. The detail in the design of the over stamp is simply amazing.

And that’s a fluke.

In the partnership of Holey Dollar and Dump, the Dump with its lesser value was the ‘coin of the people’. And was well used.

As with an Extremely Fine Australian Dump, this British Guiana Dump is a rarity of the highest order.

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