Special Black Friday offer of a 1930 Penny at a crazy never-to-be-repeated price

Special Black Friday offer of a 1930 Penny at a crazy never-to-be-repeated price
Special Black Friday offer of a 1930 Penny at a crazy never-to-be-repeated price
$22,000 (Normal R.R.P. $29,500)
Sold Black Friday 2021
Obverse: Good Fine with a partial central diamond and six plump pearls. Reverse: Very Fine
Private Collection Melbourne
Black Friday is synonymous with crazy discounts. And we think our Black Friday offer of this 1930 Penny for $22,000 is pretty crazy. Collectors acquire a 1930 Penny for lots of reasons. Securing the last coin in their Penny collection. Taking a nostalgic journey back to their youth. Holding the coin as a family heirloom to pass on to future generations. Or to have simply as an investment. Whatever the reason, the opportunity to acquire the nation's favourite copper rarity - at a crazy never-to-be-repeated price of $22,000 - is available now. But, for just one lucky collector. (The technical shots provided below re-affirm that this is a fabulous coin!)
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This 1930 Penny has a Very Fine reverse with a prominent date, solid edges and crisp upper and lower scrolls. The toning is a consistent chestnut. This is a coin you would be proud to show family and friends. 


The obverse of this 1930 Penny has a partial central diamond and six plump pearls. Again the edges are solid and the toning even and handsome.

Four reasons why collectors love the 1930 Penny.

Reason 1. One of the prime reasons for the popularity of the 1930 Penny is its financial reliability. It is a solid coin. And in times such as we have experienced in 2021, this genuinely counts.

Reason 2. In fact, we would go one step further and say that over the long term the 1930 Penny has probably been one of our most consistent and trustworthy numismatic performers.

Reason 3. Another reason for its popularity is that the coin is as Australian as you can get. Struck during the Great Depression, the 1930 Penny is the nation’s glamour coin and is unrivalled for popularity, enjoying a constant stream of demand unmatched by any other numismatic rarity.

Reason 4. The coin is an industry phenomenon, for in a market that is quality focused it is interesting to note that the 1930 Penny is keenly sought irrespective of its quality ranking.

And growth over the mid to long term has been significant across all quality levels.

  • Well circulated (Fine) 1930 Pennies were selling for £50 in the 1950s.
  • A decade later, by decimal changeover, the coins were fetching £255 ($510).
  • By 1988, Australia's Bicentenary, a Fine 1930 Penny had reached $6000.
  • The turn of the century saw 1930 Penny prices move to a minimum of $13,000. Twenty years later prices have more than doubled.

And with a 100th anniversary less than a decade away, the push to acquire Australia’s favourite Penny is really on.

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