1967 Coombs Randall Twenty Dollars Consecutive Pair

1967 Coombs Randall Twenty Dollars Consecutive Pair
1967 Coombs Randall Twenty Dollars Consecutive Pair
Sold September 2022
Private Collection Geelong Victoria
Will King Charles III appear on Australia's $5 banknote? If he doesn’t, whose face will adorn our lowest denomination note? Questions that are already intriguing the public. Either way there will be a flurry of decimal banknote activity next year with new collectors swelling an already vibrant market. They will add pressure to those pockets of the decimal banknote market that are already scarce. Banknotes such as these Coombs Randall Twenty Dollar notes. The 1967 Coombs Randall Twenty Dollar banknote is Australia's rarest issued decimal note. In fact, the Australian banknotes that have the Coombs Randall signature combination are scarce in all denominations from the One Dollar up to the Twenty Dollar. And the ‘Coombs Randall Twenties’ are the scarcest and most sought after of them all. While most banknotes are issued throughout a year, the Coombs Randall Twenty Dollar notes were issued for only a matter of weeks, from mid-September 1967 until October 1967. The 'Coombs Randall Twenties' are the absolute ‘key’ to the Australian banknote series and this pair is a great one to put away for the future. See technical shots below.
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In life, they say 'timing is everything'. And so it is with Australian banknotes bearing the Coombs Randall signatory combination. A rash of retirements in 1966, coinciding with a limited print run has made these notes exceedingly scarce.

Australia’s decimal changeover was in the planning stage for years, involving the introduction of decimal banknotes and the withdrawal of our pre-decimal notes. To be ahead of the game and to satisfy the needs of the public, the Government printed a massive quantity of the first decimal notes that featured the Coombs Wilson signature combination.

Then banknote signatory Roland Wilson retired on 27 October 1966. Notes featuring his replacement, Richard Randall, were simply not required until later in 1967 and even later in 1968 in the case of the one dollar note. And then Herbert Coombs retired in 1968, introducing a new signature combination of Phillips Randall into the equation: a combination that lasted several years.

A surplus of the very first decimal banknotes - and a spate of retirements of our banknote signatories within a two year timeframe - has meant that less than two per cent of all 'Commonwealth of Australia' (1966-73) notes were issued in the name of Herbert Coombs and Richard Randall.

The people who signed our banknotes in the early years of decimal changeover.

Herbert C. Coombs held the record for the longest stint as a signatory on Australian notes, a total of nineteen years from 1949 to 1968, signing as Governor of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and later on Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Roland Wilson signed our notes as Secretary to the Treasury from 1951 to 1966, retiring on 27 October 1966.

Richard J Randall was appointed Secretary to the Treasury from 28 October 1966 to 31 October 1971.


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1967 Coombs Randall Twenty Dollar Uncirculated Serial XBR 971635


1967 Coombs Randall Twenty Dollar Uncirculated Serial XBR 971635


1967 Coombs Randall Twenty Dollar Uncirculated Serial XBR 971636


1967 Coombs Randall Twenty Dollar Uncirculated Serial XBR 971636


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