1955 Melbourne Mint Proof Set - and our bonus offer of a 1963 Melbourne Mint Proof Set

1955 Melbourne Mint Proof Set - and our bonus offer of a 1963 Melbourne Mint Proof Set
1955 Melbourne Mint Proof Set - and our bonus offer of a 1963 Melbourne Mint Proof Set
Sold July 2019.
Private Collection Melbourne
A proof penny with original copper brilliance. And three glorious silver proofs, the shilling, sixpence and threepence. The four coins together make up a complete 1955 Melbourne Mint Proof Set. This Set is as IMPORTANT as it is RARE. Rare because only 1200 sets were issued. (This being one of the finest around.) Important because '1955' was the very first year that the Melbourne Mint commenced a proof coining program for collectors. And this 1955 Proof Set kick-started the series. (This 1955 Melbourne Mint Proof Set has attracted our BONUS OFFER of a free 1963 Melbourne Mint Proof Set. See below in the Read More section.)
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What to collect in the under $10,000 price bracket that presents value and potential for growth?

It is a question that is frequently put to us.

Upper most in our thoughts would be quality. And we would always be thinking a product where demand far outweighs supply.

Which is why sets such as this superb quality 1955 Melbourne Mint Proof Set would come into consideration and be part of our recommendation.

The coins are rare. In fact with a mintage of 1200, the 1955 Proof set is the least available of all the Melbourne Mint Proof Series.

But how does that mintage of 1200 translate into today's collector market. How often would a buyer expect to see a pristine 1955 Melbourne Mint Proof Set?

Not often is the answer. For it must be remembered that the 1955 Proof Sets were issued in tissue paper. Not the hard protective cases that today's collector market has come to expect.

Natural attrition has taken its toll on the original mintage and we would be lucky to sight one or two perfect 1955 Proof Sets on the market annually.

Now for some history ...

Sixty-four years ago, the Australian Government legislated for the striking of proof sets for collectors resulting in the issuing of this 1955 Proof Set by the Melbourne Mint.

The program continued uninterrupted until 1963 just prior to decimal currency changeover and was a catalyst for the introduction in 1966 of a decimal proof coining program for collectors by the Royal Australian Mint, Canberra.



Government intervened in just one aspect of the program - only those coins being struck for circulation were to be issued as proofs.

As the Melbourne Mint was striking both silver and copper circulating coins for Treasury, it could strike both silver and copper proof coins for collectors. (Florin, shilling, sixpence, threepence, penny and halfpenny.)

The coins were released annually with an official issue price of face value plus a premium of one shilling per coin.

The inaugural mintage in 1955 is recorded as 1200. The ensuing years (1956 to 1963) hovered around 1500.

Each piece was struck to exacting standards – from the selection and polishing of blanks, the preparation of dies and ultimately the actual striking.  

The result is a coin that is pleasing to the eye, with strong designs and superb smooth mirror background fields.

The sets are visually attractive and very affordable, appealing to a wide buying audience.

The Melbourne Mint proofs struck between 1955 and 1963 are great coins to own, for yourself. Or for children or grandchildren.

Bonus offer of a free 1963 Melbourne Mint Proof Set ...

There are two things we know. Collectors like the first set in a series. And collectors like the last set in a series.

Buy this 1955 Melbourne Mint Proof Set, the first set in the series, and we will give away the last set, a four coin 1963 Melbourne Mint Proof Set valued at $500.

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