1940 Sheehan McFarlane, First Prefix, Ten Pounds (R58)

£10 Sheehan McFarlane June 2018
£10 Sheehan McFarlane obv June 2018
1940 Sheehan McFarlane, First Prefix, Ten Pounds (R58)
1940 Sheehan McFarlane, First Prefix, Ten Pounds (R58)
Sold June 2018.
Private Collection Perth
This Sheehan McFarlane Ten Pounds was issued with the prefix V over 3, which signifies that it came from the very first print run of Ten Pounds issued in 1940 for the new monarch George VI. And that makes it particularly important and extremely rare. Even rarer again, given that the note is presented in Uncirculated quality. Crisp with full original colour. Historical records confirm that only seventeen Uncirculated Sheehan McFarlane First Prefix Ten Pounds have appeared at auction over the last forty-plus years.
£10 Sheehan McFarlane obv June 2018
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Four signature combinations appeared on our Commonwealth of Australia Ten Pounds during the era of George VI, the Sheehan McFarlane combination being the very first, released in 1940.

Sir Harry Sheehan signing in his capacity as Governor of the Commonwealth Bank and Mr Stuart Gordon McFarlane as Secretary to the Commonwealth Treasury.

This was followed by the Armitage McFarlane combination in 1943, Coombs Watt in 1949 and the last pairing in 1952 of Coombs Wilson.  

The Sheehan McFarlane signature combination is by far the scarcest out of the George VI era.

A total of 21,924,000 Ten Pounds were printed during the George VI era (embracing the four signature combinations) with the Sheehan McFarlane signatories by far the scarcest with just under 10 per cent of the total Ten Pounds production.

The banknotes of George VI continued the colour and basic design of the deceased King George V.

Only minor modifications were made to the design ahead of its issue in 1940.

  • The portrait of George VI replaced that of George V.
  • And the watermark was changed from Edward VIII to Captain James Cook.

It is noted that the design of the banknote remained unchanged throughout the reign of George VI, with only the signatories being modified.

It is also noted that the signature combination of Sheehan & McFarlane was printed in red ink.

The remaining three combinations of Armitage McFarlane, Coombs Watt and Coombs Wilson were printed in black ink.


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