1939 Sheehan McFarlane Five Pounds

1939 Sheehan McFarlane Five Pounds
1939 Sheehan McFarlane Five Pounds
1939 Sheehan McFarlane Five Pounds
Private Collection Melbourne
$ 8,000
The 1939 Sheehan Macfarlane Five Pounds is a crucial note in the Five Pound series. It was the first Five Pounds produced for the new monarch, following the death of King George V in 1936, and had the lowest recorded mintage of the George VI era. The long term investment value of this Sheehan Macfarlane Five Pounds is safeguarded by its pristine state. The note is presented in original Uncirculated quality.
Sold March 2016
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Four signature combinations appeared during the reign of George VI (1939 to 1954) and the Sheehan McFarlane combination is the scarcest.

Not only the scarcest, but the Sheehan Macfarlane signatures were printed in blue with the remaining three signature combinations printed in black. And while this might sound pedantic, it does indeed make a difference to banknote collectors.

Furthermore this Five Pounds is presented in its original state, meticulously preserved and with an amazing depth of colour.

Original Uncirculated quality, historically significant as the first note of a new era and extremely rare – offered at an attractive price. It would be hard to improve upon this offer.


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