1933 Riddle Sheehan One Pound R28

scan 1 1934 Riddle Sheehan £1 Rev
Riddle Sheehan £1 obverse July 2018
That great value is to be had in the banknote market is clearly evidenced in this George V Riddle Sheehan One Pound. Every box is ticked. The note introduced a new design, and that’s important to collectors. It offers quality that can’t be improved upon at Uncirculated. Issued in an era that is especially popular, George V. And available at a price that is very affordable.
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Riddle Sheehan £1 obverse July 2018
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This One Pound was issued between August 1933 and September 1938 and heralded in a new design. With the passing of George V in 1936, it was also the very last George V One Pound issued.

The departure from the gold standard in 1932 saw a major overhaul of Australia’s banknotes. Instead of a promise to redeem the note for its value in gold, new wording on all notes proclaimed the following: “This note is legal tender for One Pound in the Commonwealth and all territories under the control of the Commonwealth”.

The size of the new note was also reduced to make it more workable in every day usage.

This is a top-quality banknote. Uncirculated and superb, it’s as fresh as the day it was printed, crisp and clean with razor sharp edges and strong colour.

This is everything you would want in a top-quality banknote. Including the price. 

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