1930 Penny

1930 Penny nearly Very Fine date side 160928-9966
1930 Penny
1930 Penny
nearly Very Fine
Private Collection Melbourne
$ 40,000
This 1930 Penny is all class. And at this quality level, a great rarity. The coin is graded nearly Very Fine with an almost complete central diamond and six strong pearls. The upper and lower scrolls are strong. The circular beading crisp. Even toning and smooth fields add further to its appeal. And web watchers will note the infrequent appearances on the Coinworks website of 1930 Pennies at this high quality level: a reflection of the scarcity of premium quality examples.
Sold October 2016
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There is tremendous pride in owning a 1930 Penny. The coin is a part of Australian folklore and for many collectors owning a 1930 Penny is the ultimate goal. The pride in owning a 1930 Penny at this quality level is immeasurable.

The 1930 Penny is a national icon and its star status has made it one of Australia’s most valuable coins. What’s most interesting is that the 1930 Penny stumbled into fame.

Officially the 1930 Penny was never struck and a review of minting records at the Melbourne Mint confirms that no pennies were struck for circulation in that year. The mint does however have a record of the six Proof 1930 Pennies that were struck as museum pieces.

The suspected mintage of the 1930 Penny is 1500 to 2000.

The 1930 Penny is still to this day the glamour coin of the numismatics industry and is unrivalled for popularity, enjoying a constant stream of demand unmatched by any other numismatic rarity.

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