1930 Penny

1930 Penny
1930 Penny
Sold September 2019.
Very Fine. High quality and extremely attractive.
Private Collection Melbourne.
This 1930 Penny has a full central diamond and six plump pearls and it is these two aspects, the diamond and the pearls, that classifies this coin as one of the very best, in the top ten per cent. This coin will appeal to the buyer that has always wanted a 1930 Penny and has been looking for a top-grade example. It will also appeal to the investor for high quality 1930 Pennies, such as this coin, are extremely rare. We estimate that we would handle one, or at the very tops two, Very Fine 1930 Pennies annually. And price watchers will note that this 1930 Penny has been favourably priced.
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Officially the 1930 Penny was never struck and a review of minting records at the Melbourne Mint confirms that no pennies were struck for circulation in that year.

But as we now know. A small quantity of pennies were issued by the Melbourne Mint with the estimated mintage being 1000 – 1500. As a low denomination coin, struck during the Depression, the coins were used, with the majority very well used.

That the 1930 Penny was not discovered until the 1940s meant that the coins had undergone a decade of handling, mishandling and just generally being dropped, scratched or rattled around in change before they were unearthed.

The very reason why the majority of 1930 Pennies are today found in the lower grading levels of about Fine to Fine, with solid knocks and gouges. (See below for grading levels.) 

And why we say that a Very Fine 1930 Penny is a top-quality piece.

About Fine to Fine - the average 1930 Penny is found in a quality level of About Fine to Fine with an obliterated central diamond and five or six flattened pearls.

Good Fine - a Good Fine 1930 Penny is the next step up for quality. The coin will have just one side of the central diamond showing and six pearls, some of which may be slightly flattened.

About Very Fine - moving up the quality scale to about Very Fine. The coin will have two sides of the central diamond showing and six clear pearls.

Nearly Very Fine – as the description infers this coin just misses out with a Very Fine ranking, the key being the central diamond which has three just sides showing.

Very Fine - To the ultimate quality of Very Fine which has a full central diamond, showing four sides, and six plump pearls.


The key attributes of this Very Fine 1930 Penny are as follows:

  • This coin has a full central diamond, showing the four sides of the diamond.
  • There are six clear, plump and well-defined pearls in the crown.
  • The oval to the left of the central diamond is virtually intact. With most 1930 Pennies the oval is only partially evident.
  • The lower band of the crown is complete.
  • The fields are undamaged. They are even and smooth, the toning a handsome chocolate brown.
  • The reverse is particularly impressive with well-defined upper and lower scrolls and inner beading.
1930 Penny Pie Chart September 2019
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