1930 Penny

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1930 Penny
1930 Penny
Good Fine
Private Collection Queensland
A 1930 Penny priced below $20,000. This is an occurrence almost as rare as the coin itself. The photos show that, on the obverse only, a couple of minor edge knocks are evident. But that is as far as the negatives go for this coin has a technical grading of Good Fine. The defining obverse quality characteristics of the right-hand side of the central diamond and six pearls affirms it as such. We are excited about this coin for we know that for just one buyer, owning Australia's famous copper rarity is set to become a reality.
Sold March 2018.
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The 1930 Penny is Australia's favourite copper coin. Furthermore, it is the nation's most valuable circulating penny.

Talk to most copper coin collectors and they will tell you that the 1930 Penny is the 'hole' that they have to fill to complete their penny collection.

Which is why we are so excited about this coin.

It is a nice example, acquired from KJC Coins, Sydney more than a decade ago. And it is very affordably priced.

In fact we would go even further to say that it is a bargain.


The mystery surrounding the striking of the 1930 Penny only adds to its mystique and further fuels demand.

The coin was minted by accident and no one knew of its existence until at least ten years after it was issued.

Which means that the coins were used, with the majority well used, before collectors discovered its very being, enduring the rigours of being handled and mishandled.

Irrespective of the quality level, the pride of owning the 1930 Penny is immeasurable. 

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