1930 Penny

1930 Penny good Fine rev Large b&b August 2017
1930 Penny good Fine obv Large b&b August 2017
1930 Penny
1930 Penny
Good Fine / about Very Fine
Private Collection Sydney
This 1930 Penny has a quality classification of ‘Good Fine’ with six pearls in the Kings crown and a partial central diamond. The reverse is classified at a higher quality level of ‘About Very Fine’. Handsome chestnut toning, minimal marks in the field, a strong ‘1930’ date, this coin will make owning an example of Australia’s most famous copper rarity a reality for just one buyer.
Sold August 2017
1930 Penny good Fine obv Large b&b August 2017
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This is a 1930 Penny that you would be proud to show your family and friends and is a truly attractive example of Australia’s most famous copper rarity.

Presented in a handsome black presentation case.

Melbourne Mint records reveal that the 1930 Penny was never struck.

And while many theories have been put forward as to how it was inadvertently minted and released into circulation, no one really knows how and why. What is known is that its striking was an accident that was discovered by collectors in the 1940s. 


That the 1930 Penny underwent at least ten years of circulation before it was discovered means that surviving examples show wear. The coins were used. With the majority, very well used.

How soon into its life the 1930 Penny became a collectable, and was taken out of circulation, determines its price.


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