1930 Penny

1930 Penny EF rev Large July 2017
1930 Penny EF obv Large July 2017
1930 Penny
1930 Penny
Sold July 2017
Extremely Fine
Private Collection Melbourne
There are five 1930 Pennies that stand out from the rest, acknowledged as being the absolute finest examples of Australia’s favourite copper rarity. And this coin is one of them. Waiting lists are the norm for a 1930 Penny at this quality level.
1930 Penny EF obv Large July 2017
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The photographs - and the close-up shot of the crown - will do most of the talking on this superb 1930 Penny. 

1930 Penny aEF Diamond & Pearl BAND 2

With a full central diamond and the seventh and eighth pearl, this 1930 Penny is at least six quality levels higher than the average 1930 Penny that has a quality level of Fine to Good Fine.

This Extremely Fine 1930 Penny has 

  1. A full central diamond that leaps out and knocks you in the eye.
  2. Eight clear pearls in the crown. The seventh and eight pearls to the left of the central diamond on the King’s Crown is one of the first areas to wear during circulation. The presence of the seventh and eighth pearl is evidence that this coin is of the highest rarity.
  3. The oval to the left of the central diamond is intact.
  4. The edges are undamaged. The fields are undamaged, glossy and smooth. The toning is an even chocolate brown.
  5. Minimal wear to George V’s eyebrow and upper ear.
  6. Lower band of the Crown is intact. 
  7. The reverse is particularly impressive with well-defined upper and lower scrolls and inner beading. The edges are intact and unblemished, the fields amazingly smooth.

And while all the details on the left may seem very technical … it is the complete and strong central diamond, the complete lower band and the seventh and eighth pearl that places this coin in a league of its own and justifies the supreme quality level of Extremely Fine.

Our experiences attest to the scarcity of a 1930 Penny at this quality level.

We have been involved in the industry for more than forty-five years and this is the second only Extremely Fine 1930 Penny that we have handled.

The pie chart (the area shown in grey) clearly shows the extreme scarcity of a 1930 Penny at this quality level.

1930 Pie Chart 5 July 2017


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