1927 Proof Canberra Florin

1927 Proof Canberra Florin rev Large April 2018
1927 Proof Canberra Florin obv Large April 2018
1927 Proof Canberra Florin
1927 Proof Canberra Florin
Private Collection Melbourne
$ 25,000
The original intention of proof coining was to create a numismatic masterpiece that would represent an era in Australia's history and tell a story that was an indelible part of our nation's past. The Melbourne Mint created a numismatic masterpiece when it struck the 1927 Proof Canberra Florin. The Duke of York officially opened Parliament House in Canberra on 9 May 1927. To commemorate the occasion, the Government authorised the minting of the Canberra Florin featuring Parliament House on the reverse and George V on the obverse. The Melbourne Mint issued 400 limited edition collector coins struck to proof quality. This coin is a superb example from the original mintage.
Sold November 2018
1927 Proof Canberra Florin obv Large April 2018
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It was the Melbourne Mint’s very first collector coin issue, the 'Proof Canberra' selling for a sixpence premium over face value.

Furthermore it was Australia’s very first commemorative coin.

The release of the 1927 Proof Canberra Florin was a well-publicised event that saw the coins sell to members of the public outside traditional numismatic circles.

Coins being mishandled or pieces simply lost into circulation was the fate of many of the proofs out of the original mintage of 400.

So a small mintage of coins becomes even smaller for the buyer seeking a quality Proof Canberra Florin.

In today’s market we might sight one premium quality Proof Canberra Florin every year.

This particular 1927 Proof Canberra Florin is a premium quality example and is classified as FDC, with brilliant mirror fields. The coin shows the characteristic striations associated with Proof Canberra Florins which reflects meticulous die preparation.  Moreover, it has been sharply struck and brilliantly preserved.  Visually it is stunning.

As an exquisite example of the Melbourne Mint's craftsmanship, the coin is a numismatic gem.

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