1921 Square Penny

1921 Square Penny
1921 Square Penny
Sold July 2019.
Private Collection Adelaide
This coin, the 1921 Square Penny, is the most popular coin in the entire kookaburra square coin series. It has the exclusivity that rare coin buyers are seeking. One high quality Square Penny of this style would appear on the market perhaps once every year ... rare in anyone's language. And importantly, for buyers, this Square Penny is affordable.
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The Kookaburra Square Penny is an 'Aussie classic'. It's a title that is used sparingly. But glowingly.

On pieces such as our first silver coins, the Holey Dollar and Dump. And our first gold coins, the Adelaide Pounds.

And the nation's favourite copper rarity, the 1930 Penny.

The 'kookaburra' coins never fail to engage their owners. And generate excitement, the engagement due to its unique shape and its place in history.

This Square Penny is known as the design type 12 and we estimate that perhaps 40 examples are available to private collectors.

Now it is true that we are as picky with our Square Pennies as we are with our 1930 Pennies.

So ... if you factor quality into your purchase equation you will find a tiny pool of about 20 to 30 nice quality design type 12 Square Pennies available.

A comparison with Australia's classic copper rarity, the 1930 Penny - where it is believed 1500 are known -  highlights the extreme rarity of this Square Penny.


The Square Penny is history. A point in time when the Australian Federal Government planned the introduction of square coinage. And it is the historical angle that ensures sustained buyer interest, underpinning the coin's investment value.

The Square Kookaburra coins were thrown into the spotlight in 1954 when Sir Marcus Clark O.B.E. sold his extensive and famous collection of Australian coin rarities.

It is on record that his 1921 Square Penny and 1921 Square Halfpenny sold for £36. Even more interesting is that in the same auction an Extremely Fine Ferdinand VII Holey Dollar sold for just over twice that amount at £72 10/-. (The investment potential of the Square Penny and Square Halfpenny lies in the fact that the Holey Dollar is now a $450,000-plus item.)

The popularity of the kookaburras continued throughout the 1960s and 1970s with extensive reporting of their appearances occurring in the then industry magazine, The Australian Coin Review.

Strong collector and investor interest in the Square Kookaburras continues to this very day. That interest in the series spans more than half a century is comforting for new buyers entering the market.

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