1921 Square Penny Type 11

1921 Square Penny Type 11
1921 Square Penny Type 11
1921 Square Penny Type 11
1921 Square Penny Type 11
Choice Uncirculated
Private Collection Melbourne 1995
$ 50,000
The 1921 Square Pennies are the most accessible - and affordable – coins in the entire Square Penny series. There is no suggestion here that the 1921 Square Pennies are available at the drop of a hat. Perhaps twenty Type 11 Square Pennies are known, which for the buyer translates into a waiting time of up to a year for an example to become available. (Compare that to the 1930 Penny where 1500 to 2000 are believed to exist.)
Sold June 2017
1921 Square Penny Type 11
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Once collectors introduce quality into their selection process, acquiring a 1921 Square Penny becomes a task that will take several years.

We are the only company to have handled all of the design types and the metals that make up the Square Penny series. And we have seen the full spectrum of qualities from the absolute best down to the very poorest. And this 1921 Type 11 Square Penny is amongst the very best. Acquired in 1995 by a Melbourne collector, the coin has been stored in a bank vault since the day it was bought.

This is a superb Type 11 Square Penny with a deeply etched design of a thin kookaburra resting on a twig. The coin has stunning proof-like surfaces and magnificent tone.

Technical comments: Two different designs were tested in 1921 and they are referenced as the Type 11 and 12.

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