1916 Specimen Penny

1916 Specimen Penny rev horizontal b&b August 2017
1916 Specimen Penny obv horizontal b&b August 2017
1916 Specimen Penny
1916 Specimen Penny
Barrie Winsor
$ 28,000
This superb quality 1916 Specimen Penny is extremely rare. Affirmation of its scarcity, it is the third only example that we have offered in a career that spans forty five plus years. The coin is sharply struck and under the glass, it shows the heavy striations associated with distinct die preparation. Brilliantly preserved, it is offered more than a century after it was struck, with beautiful blue / purple / golden toning.
Sold September 2017
1916 Specimen Penny obv horizontal b&b August 2017
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Barrie Winsor is a respected numismatist. And was the guiding hand behind the formation of the now famous Quartermaster Gold Sovereign and Half Sovereign Collection.

He also was the former owner of this spectacular 1916 Specimen Penny.


The date 1916 is a pivotal one for the numismatic industry.

It was the very first year that the Melbourne Mint struck our silver Commonwealth coins. And the first year that the Bombay Mint began minting our pennies and halfpennies.


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