1899 Sovereign Perth Mint

1899 Sovereign Perth Mint
1899 Sovereign Perth Mint
1899 Sovereign Perth Mint
Choice Uncirculated
Parkhouse Collection, Barrie Winsor
$ 9,500
As a statement on the quality and rarity of this coin … the last time we saw a supreme quality 1899 Perth Sovereign at an Australian public auction was at the famous Quartermaster Auction in 2009.
Sold March 2016
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This 1899 Perth Mint Sovereign is one of the finest known examples of what can only be regarded as the most important sovereign in the Perth Mint’s entire minting history. The 1899 Sovereign represents the very first year of sovereign production at the Perth Mint. Historically significant and rare.

The rarity of the 1899 Perth Sovereign is connected to its limited mintage.

The Perth Mint struck gold sovereigns from 1899 until 1931, (a total of 33 years) and the mintage in its first year of operation was minuscule and the absolute smallest – by far. (The mintage in 1899 is 690,992. By comparison 1,866,000 were struck at Perth in 1900 and 2,889,333 sovereigns in 1901.)

Presented in Choice Uncirculated quality this coin captures a great moment in time in Perth Mint coining history.

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