1887 Young Head Shield Sovereign, Melbourne Mint

1887M Young Head Shield Sovereign tech 2 obv May 2018
1887M Young Head Shield Sovereign rev 2 May 2018
1887 Young Head Shield Sovereign, Melbourne Mint
1887 Young Head Shield Sovereign, Melbourne Mint
Sold May 2018.
Brilliant Uncirculated
Robert Jaggard, Paul Terry, Tom Hadley (Quartermaster Collection)
Barrie Winsor spent more than 20 years forming the Quartermaster Collection for Queensland collector, Tom Hadley. Included in the Quartermaster Collection, this Brilliant Uncirculated 1887M Young Head Shield Sovereign. Despite the fact that Winsor's ties to the Collection effectively ceased in 2009 when the Quartermaster Collection was sold at auction, the extraordinary quality traits of this coin remained firmly imprinted in his memory. So when Winsor heard that we had acquired some coins from the Quartermaster Collection, the very first question he asked us was whether our purchases included the '1887M Shield Sov.' It is an exceptional quality gold sovereign and according to Winsor, the finest known example with a highly detailed striking (notice the kiss-curl in front of the ear), perfect edges and satin fields. To the naked eye you would be forgiven for thinking that it was a matte proof.
1887M Young Head Shield Sovereign rev 2 May 2018
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The Queen Victoria Young Head portrait design ran from 1871 to 1887 inclusively.

Two dates are noted as being the absolute rare dates in this series and, in premium quality, almost impossible to find.

They being this coin, the 1887 Melbourne Mint Young Head Shield Sovereign. And the 1886 Melbourne Mint Young Head Shield Sovereign.

This coin offers the collector extraordinary quality and extreme rarity.

It is an affirmation on the quality of this coin that its former owners include gold coin dealer Robert Jaggard (held as part of his personal collection), Paul Terry ( a consummate gold coin collector) and Tom Hadley of Quartermaster fame. 

This sovereign is a stand-alone investment piece. And for the collector looking to acquire a set of the eight portraits that make up Australia's sovereign series, it is the perfect acquisition. Quality that cannot be improved upon.

A complete portrait set of Australian sovereigns involves eight coins.

1. Queen Victoria Sydney Mint Type 1 (1855 - 1856)

2. Queen Victoria Sydney Mint Type 11 (1857 - 1870)

3. Queen Victoria Young Head (1871 - 1887)

4. Queen Victoria Jubilee (1887 - 1893).

5. Queen Victoria Veiled Head (1893 - 1901)

6. King Edward VII (1902 - 1910)

7. King George V Large Head (1911 - 1928)

8. King George V Small Head (1929 - 1931)



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