1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign

1855 Sovereign Unc Rev
1855 Sovereign Unc Obv
1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign
1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign
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The 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign is one of the prized rarities in the Sydney Mint Sovereign series and has pride of place in every Australian sovereign collection. The coin also has international standing. It is the nation’s first gold sovereign minted at the Sydney Mint - the nation’s very first mint – and brings to any collection a wonderful and everlasting history.
Sold May 2017
1855 Sovereign Unc Obv
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But the 1855 Sydney Mint sovereign offers more than history. In the quality level offered here the coin also offers an extreme rarity.

You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of Uncirculated 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereigns that we have sold, a reflection of the coin’s extremely limited availability at this quality level. 

On the 9th August 1853 Queen Victoria approved an Order in Council prepared by the British Government to establish Australia’s very first mint at or near Sydney, in New South Wales. 

Although it was initially envisaged that the Sydney Mint would produce imperial design sovereigns, it was decided that, as the coins would be legal tender only in the colonies, a design specifically attributed to the Sydney Mint should be produced.


The full name of the mint, Sydney Mint, was incorporated into the legend: going against all known protocols at the time.

Furthermore the coins were inscribed with the national name, Australia, even though the country was at that stage operating as separate colonies. Australia did not operate under a single Government until Federation in 1901. 

The mint began receiving gold on May 14, 1855, and issued its first sovereigns soon after on June 23. 


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