1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign

1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign
1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign
Good Extremely Fine / about Uncirculated
Private Collection Sydney
The 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign has pride of place in every Australian sovereign collection. It is the nation’s first gold sovereign minted at the Sydney Mint, the nation’s very first mint, and brings to any collection a wonderful and everlasting history. But the 1855 Sydney Mint sovereign offers more than history. In the quality level offered here the coin also offers an exceptional rarity. You can count on the fingers of two hands the number of 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereigns that we have sold at Good Extremely Fine, a reflection of the coin’s extremely limited availability in the upper echelons of quality. The attached pie chart clearly shows the relative scarcity of a Good Extremely Fine 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign. It’s a picture that speaks a 1000 words.
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Pie chart November 2017

We have addressed the importance of the 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign in our introduction. We have also addressed its rarity. But perhaps the most important issue for the buyer is its price potential.

The 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign is Australia’s first official currency, our first gold sovereign. The 1852 Adelaide Pound, struck three years earlier, is Australia’s first gold coin.

Both coins are extremely popular with collectors. They were minted from 22 carat gold: gold being our most popular collecting metal.  And they have a special place in our history that ensures that they will always be sought after, underpinning their future price growth.

So it is inevitable that a rarity/price comparison will be made between the two.  

It is a statement of fact that the 1855 Sovereign in the upper quality levels is about four times as scarce as the Adelaide Pound. And yet the price levels are comparable. That’s a price anomaly that has to be addressed over time. 

Coins such as this 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign have the greatest potential for growth.

Why are so many Australian collectors pursuing a Portrait Set?

A complete sovereign collection is comprised of nearly 200 coins and that’s overwhelming for even the most financial of collectors. And potentially frustrating given the time that it would take to complete.

That’s why so many collectors take the short cut of completing a portrait set. The sense of completeness is definitely there. And the financial burden is substantially reduced.

The Australian Sovereign series ran from 1855 to 1931 and during this time eight different portraits were used, five of Queen Victoria, one of Edward VII and two of George V.

So a complete portrait set of Australian sovereigns involves only eight coins.

  1. Queen Victoria Sydney Mint Type 1 (1855 – 1856)
  2. Queen Victoria Sydney Mint Type 2 (1857 – 1870)
  3. Queen Victoria Young Head (1871 – 1887)
  4. Queen Victoria Jubilee (1887 – 1893)
  5. Queen Victoria Veiled Head (1893 – 1901)
  6. King Edward VII (1902 – 1910)
  7. King George V Large Head (1911 – 1928)
  8. King George V Small Head (1929 – 1931)

And why would this 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign be a great choice for the Set?

The reality is collectors only have two choices for the Type I Sydney Mint design, they being 1855 or 1856.

And in high quality they are simply not always available.

This coin is rare. This coin is affordable. And this coin is superb for quality. Showing just the slightest wear to the high points, it still retains its original lustre.

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