1852 Adelaide Pound, second die with crenelated inner circle

1852 Adelaide Pound, second die with crenelated inner circle
1852 Adelaide Pound, second die with crenelated inner circle
Sold July 2019.
Extremely Fine
Private Collection Melbourne
The 1852 Adelaide Pound holds a very special place in Australia's history as the nation's first gold coin. It is an iconic Australian numismatic rarity, as is the 1930 Penny, the 1813 Holey Dollar and the 1813 Dump. Its status as Australia’s first gold coin ensures that it will always be sought after and strengthens its investment value. Its investment value is also enhanced by its rarity for we estimate that perhaps 250 examples are available to collectors, across all quality levels. The Adelaide Pound is a valuable coin so finding an example that doesn’t break the bank can be challenging which is why we are so excited by this coin. The coin has fared extremely well during its time in circulation, is well presented and is offered in a very popular price range.
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A simple rule that really counts.

When it comes to selecting an Adelaide Pound, we follow a very simple rule.

We only consider coins that are visually very attractive and have no obvious defects from their time in circulation.

It must be remembered that the Adelaide Assay Office was opened 167 years ago as a refinery to strike gold ingots.

Except for ensuring the accuracy of the weight and purity of gold in the coin, there was minimal care regarding the overall striking and the eye appeal of the coin.

The Adelaide Pounds were to be used as currency, traded in commerce. Not preserved as collectables.

As gold is a relatively soft metal, many Adelaide Pounds have been treated harshly during their time in circulation.
The very reason why we reject more Adelaide Pounds than we accept.

This coin follows our prime rule of acquiring a visually attractive 1852 Adelaide Pound, as the photographs show.

  • This 1852 Adelaide Pound was struck with the second die and is graded Extremely Fine which indicates that it has undergone some circulation with slight wear to the high points.
  • The coin has strength in the edges.
  • And the legend 'Government Assay office' is strong.
  • History records that the striking of the Adelaide Pound was fraught with problems.
  • Pressure cracked the first die. Relaxing the pressure on the second die, while it increased the design detail in the crown, interfered with the execution of the edges and the legend 'Assay Office'. Many examples struck with the second die show weakness in the edges, with some areas of the legend almost non-existent.
  • The final scrutiny of an Adelaide Pound involves the fields and we note that the rigours of circulation have treated this coin very kindly.

This Adelaide Pound is a coin that you will be proud to show your family and friends.

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