1852 Adelaide Pound

1852 Adelaide Pound EF rev September 2017
1852 Adelaide Pound EF obv September 2017
1852 Adelaide Pound
1852 Adelaide Pound
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Private Collection Victoria
For most Australian rare coin collectors, acquiring an 1852 Adelaide Pound fulfils a lifetime’s ambition. The coin holds a special place in Australia’s history and in the hearts of Australian rare coin collectors like no other. Struck one year after gold was discovered in Victoria in 1851, it is the nation’s very first gold coin. The Adelaide Pound is rare, so finding an example that doesn't break the bank is no easy task. Which is why we are so excited about this coin. We have spent more than a year trying to secure an example that fits our protocols, is well presented, but is suitable to most collector's budgets. This is an extremely attractive 1852 Adelaide Pound and shows minimal effects of circulation. It is a piece that you would be proud to show your family and friends.
Sold September 2017
1852 Adelaide Pound EF obv September 2017
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The 1852 Adelaide Pound is the nation’s first gold coin, struck at the Government Assay Office in Adelaide from 22 carat gold brought from the Victorian goldfields.

Its historical standing, as Australia's first gold coin, ensures that it will always be sought after and underpins its investment value.

Its investment value is also preserved by its rarity. The industry estimates that 200 examples are available to collectors, across all quality levels.

The prime rule in selecting an Adelaide Pound is to pick a coin that is visually very attractive; one that has an heirloom feel about it.

The coin that we have for sale fits those protocols perfectly and is as per the photographs shown above. 

The aesthetics, the look of an Adelaide Pound to the naked eye, is an important part of the selection process.

The Adelaide Assay Office was opened 165 years ago as a refinery to strike gold ingots. Except for ensuring the accuracy of the weight and purity of gold in the coin, there was minimal care regarding the overall striking and the eye appeal of the coin. The coins were to be used as currency, traded in commerce. Not preserved as collectables.

Gold also is a relatively soft metal and the rigours of circulation have treated many Adelaide Pounds harshly.

This particular Adelaide Pound passes our selection criteria in every respect. "It is a coin that you would be proud to show your family and friends". 

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good extremely fine 1852 Adelaide Pound $38,000

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