1813 Holey Dollar

1813 Holey Dollar
1813 Holey Dollar
1813 Holey Dollar
about Extremely Fine / Uncirculated
Sotheby’s London (1901), Sotheby’s London (1920), Stacks New York (2004)
$ 250,000
This 1813 Holey Dollar has a distinguished provenance that can be traced back to 1901. The coin has attracted sustained buyer interest right across the globe for more than a century, in London and New York, reflecting the international appeal of the Holey Dollar. The buyer attention that it has received also is an affirmation of its quality for it is one of the finest Holey Dollars with the original coin, an 1805 Mexico Mint Silver Dollar, graded about Extremely Fine. But it is the countermarks “1813” and “New South Wales”, stamped around the inner circular edge that separates this coin from most. They are graded at about Uncirculated, with glorious, original silver lustre.<br /><a title="Latest Catalogue" href="/view/109"><span style="color:#b7904b;"><strong> View our latest catalogue for more information</strong></span></a>
Sold June 2015
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