1813 Holey Dollar

1780 Type 2 Holey Dollar Mexico Mint
1813 Holey Dollar
1813 Holey Dollar
About Extremely Fine
PJ Downie Sale 1967, Philip Spalding Estate
$ 350,000
Sold March 2013
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This Holey Dollar began its life as a Spanish Silver Dollar struck in 1780 during the reign of King Charles III. 

Its extreme rarity is well defined. Of the two hundred privately held Holey Dollars, only twenty two were converted from Spanish Dollars produced during the reign of Charles III.

Furthermore it is one of the finest quality Holey Dollars in existence.

The condition of this Holey Dollar is made even more remarkable when you consider that the original Spanish Dollar from which it was created was issued in 1780, had a hole cut into it in 1813, and survived the intervening thirty three years virtually unscathed.

It is significant that this Holey Dollar was held by the Spalding family for forty six years. (Philip Spalding author of the World Of The Holey Dollar and himself, a passionate collector).

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