1813 Dump

1813 Colonial Dump good VF date side
1813 Dump
1813 Dump
$ 45,000
Sold May 2016
good Very Fine
Private Collection Melbourne
When you compare this coin, a supreme quality good Very Fine Colonial Dump, to a well circulated example, the differences are vast. But the price differential “is not so vast”. Which is why we say that high quality Dumps are underrated and undervalued. This coin is a premium quality piece. Presented in a quality level of good Very Fine it is ranked in the top eight per cent of known surviving examples. In our view this 1813 Dump is a little gem and one to tuck away for the future.
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It is obvious when you look at the chart below that finding a Colonial Dump in the lesser quality levels is a relatively easy task. The Dump with a value of fifteen pence circulated widely in the colony: the extreme wear on most Dumps evidence that they saw considerable use.

What is very obvious from the chart is that securing a Colonial Dump in a quality level of good Very Fine or better is a far more difficult task. We would sight a good Very Fine Dump on the open market perhaps once every few years.

So while the Dump with a value of fifteen pence may seem to be the diminutive partner of the Holey Dollar, the reality is that top quality Dumps have clout. They are extremely rare, in fact far rarer than their holed counterpart in the same quality level. And as such highly valued.

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What sets this coin apart from well circulated examples is as follows:

  • The fleur de lis on the left hand side and the right hand side of the crown have definition and have not melded into the coin.
  • The pearls to the left and right of the Crown are well defined and again have not melded into the coin
  • The legend New South Wales and the date 1813 are strong and well contained in the coin.
  • Notice the oblique milling around the edge. Strong, well defined and fully evident.
  • The reverse Fifteen Pence is three dimensional. The ‘H’ for Henshall also is defined.
  • While the Holey Dollar glaringly shows that it is one coin struck from another, in a less obvious way so too does the Dump. There is underlying design detail in the coin between the date 1813 and ‘WALES’ in the legend. That’s the design from the centre of the original Spanish Dollar from which this Dump was created. We refer to it as the undertype and its presence is highly prized.

This is an investment quality Colonial Dump offered at a value-plus price.



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