1813 Dump

1813 Dump aVF VF date B&B November 2017
1813 Dump aVF VF non date B&B November 2017
1813 Dump
1813 Dump
Sold November 2017
About Very Fine / Very Fine
Private Collection 2007
Let’s be clear. A coin doesn’t have to be uncirculated to appeal to us. We are the first to acknowledge that Australia’s classic coin rarities are in demand at all quality levels and at all dollar levels. However we also acknowledge that it's not easy to come across circulated examples that fit our selection criteria … which is why we are so excited about this particular 1813 Colonial Dump. The coin has all of the technical and aesthetic attributes that a collector could wish for but without the hefty price tag. We have graded the reverse of this Dump at About Very Fine with the obverse higher again at Very Fine. That’s at least two grades higher than your average example. The Dump with a value of fifteen pence circulated widely in the colony the very reason why most of them are found today with minimal design attributes, harsh gouges and knocks and many are noted as having been submerged in water, developing porous surfaces. Not so with this coin. It is a beauty.
1813 Dump aVF VF non date B&B November 2017
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The 1813 Dump and its partner, the Holey Dollar, were the first coins struck in Australia. Not only are they very rare, but their fascinating history has made them two of the world’s most famous coins.

This Dump has the following attributes:

  • The coin was struck with the Type A/1 dies and that means that the design, the crown, is classically well centred and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The legend New South Wales and the date 1813 are strong and well defined.
  • The reverse lettering, Fifteen Pence, also is strong and well defined.
  • This particular Dump clearly shows that is was formed from the centre of a Spanish Silver Dollar. The cross bars in the shield and the tail of the lion are evident through the date 1813 and the ‘South’ of New South Wales. Dumps that show their origins are highly prized. 
  • The fleur de lis on the left hand side and the right hand side of the crown have definition and have not melded into the coin.
  • So too the pearls to the left and right of the Crown.
  • William Henshall etched his name into numismatic history forever when he incorporated an ‘H’ for Henshall into the reverse die used to mint the Dump. It is not always present. The ‘H’ on this coin is evident. 
  • Notice the oblique milling around the edge. The milling was used to prevent opportunists from 'filing' down the coin (thereby reducing its silver content). Yet another highly valued attribute of this Dump.

This A/1 1813 Dump is a highly collectable example of Australia’s first coin.

Furthermore it is well priced.


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