1813 Dump struck with the very rare E/3 dies

1813 Dump struck with the very rare E/3 dies
1813 Dump struck with the very rare E/3 dies
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This 1813 Dump is a very rare example of the nation’s first fifteen pence. Struck from a die combination that historians refer to as obverse die ‘E’ and reverse die ‘3’, less than twenty examples are known. Historians suggest that due to the crude nature of the E/3 Dumps, they may have been trials presented to Governor Lachlan Macquarie before production officially commenced. We note the traces of the original Spanish Dollar design (undertype) on the reverse. This is the only E/3 example that we have seen or handled to show the undertype.
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Type E/3 Dump. Obverse Die E
The dies are poorly engraved and are considered an early effort. The top of the cross points between the 'T & H' of 'SOUTH' in the legend. The '3' in '1813' tilts to the left. The cross at the top of the crown is noticeably lopsided, leaning to the left. The five pearls are irregular in shape, with the far left pearl touching the top of the band.


Type E/3 Dump. Reverse Die 3
The upright stroke of 'P' to the right of the upright stroke of 'F'. The 'T' is well left of 'N'. 'FIFTEEN' and 'PENCE' are 5mm apart and the stop is present. We note the presence of undertype below the word 'PENCE'. Exciting!


Extremely rare quality E/3 Dump

The industry acknowledges that there are about 800 1813 Dumps available to collectors. Within that collector pool, the Dump appears in four distinctly different styles (or die combinations).

The four styles have been classified by authors Mira and Noble as the type A/1, D/2, E/3 and C/4.

The different styles on the obverse are reflected in the shape of the cross on the crown, the position of this cross in relation to the letters in the legend above it. And in the positioning of the row of jewels (or pearls) in the crown.

On the reverse, differences are found in the distances between the words 'FIFTEEN' and 'PENCE' and in the position of the 'T' in 'FIFTEEN' in relation to the 'N' in 'PENCE'.

The rarest of the four dies is the C/4 with only eight known out of the total pool of 800 Dumps.

Next in line for rarity is the E/3 Dumps with perhaps twenty known.

The E/3 dies produced coins that were very crude and the suggestion is that they may have been test pieces presented to Governor Macquarie before production began.

There are also some suggestions that they may have been contemporary forgeries.

Irrespective, the E/3 Dumps are extremely rare and an essential part of the 'Dump' story.

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