1930 Penny

1930 Penny good Ef rev Large B&B October 2017
1930 Penny good Ef obv Large B&B October 2017
1930 Penny
1930 Penny
Sold April 2018.
This ‘Diamond and Pearl’ 1930 Penny has a quality classification of Good Extremely Fine. It is an elite coin: an extraordinary coin with exceptional quality traits that are clearly visible to the naked eye. You don’t have to struggle with an eye glass to appreciate its outstanding qualities, it is there for all to see. We rate it as Number 3 in the pecking order of 1930 Pennies.
1930 Penny good Ef obv Large B&B October 2017
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1930 Penny good EF BAND close up crown

Close up shot of the crown showing eight clear pearls.

We have been involved in the rare coin industry for more than forty-five years and can unequivocally state that this is the finest 1930 Penny that we have handled. We sold it to our client many years ago.

Now in a retirement phase the owner has decided it is his time to sell and in so doing, pass the pride and pleasure of ownership to a new collector. And the opportunity for the new buyer to take up an unparalleled investment opportunity.

You can only imagine our delight at having this 1930 Penny back. It is the ultimate possession. Number 3 in the pecking order of Australia’s most popular coin rarity.

We sought consensus from a foremost Melbourne collector who, as it happens, also was a former owner of this coin. He concurred. Number 3. 

As a point of interest, this 1930 Penny is nine quality levels higher than the ‘Classic’.

The photographs - and the close-up shot of the crown – clearly shows why this coin warrants its Good Extremely Fine classification.

This 1930 Penny has 

  1. A full central diamond that leaps out and knocks you in the eye. There is no ‘rounding off’ on the points of the diamond.
  2. Eight clear pearls in the crown.
  3. The seventh and eighth pearls to the left of the central diamond on the King’s Crown are one of the first areas to wear during circulation. The presence of the seventh and eighth pearl is evidence that this coin is of the highest rarity.
  4. The oval to the left of the central diamond is intact.
  5. The lower band of the crown is intact and solid.
  6. The fields are undamaged and glossy and smooth. The toning is an even chocolate brown.
  7. The reverse is particularly impressive with well-defined upper and lower scrolls and inner beading.  

And while all the above details may seem very technical … it is the complete and strong central diamond, the complete lower band and the seventh and eighth pearl that places this coin in a league of its own and justifies the supreme quality level of Good Extremely Fine.

Our experiences attest to the scarcity of a 1930 Penny at this quality level.

We have been involved in the industry for more than forty-five years and this is the only Good Extremely Fine 1930 Penny that we have handled.

The pie chart at right clearly shows the extreme scarcity of the ‘Diamond and Pearl’ 1930 Penny.

This coin is housed in a hand-made leather lined case crafted by Anton Gerner using Australian Birdseye Huon Pine and Blackwood.


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