1930 Penny

1930 Penny good Ef rev PP March 2018
1930 Penny good Ef obv PP March 2018
1930 Penny
1930 Penny
Good Extremely Fine
Private Collection Melbourne
This coin is for the buyer that is seeking one of the absolute finest examples of Australia’s famous 1930 Penny. We rate it as number THREE in the pecking order of known 1930 Pennies. The enormity of this offer becomes clear when you consider that there are quite likely one thousand (or more) 1930 Pennies in existence today. Given the clear and defining quality traits of this piece, it is in every respect a ‘miracle’ coin. READ MORE for technical shots of both obverse and reverse and more information.
Sold April 2018.
1930 Penny good Ef obv PP March 2018
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1930 Penny OBV tech shot Good EF March 2018

Obverse of the Good Extremely Fine 1930 Penny on offer. Notice the complete crown. Take in the eye, moustache and robes and compare to the coin at right. 

1930 Penny OBV tech shot Fine March 2018

Obverse of a well circulated Fine 1930 Penny chosen for comparison. The differences in the crown area, eye, moustache and robes are obvious. 

It must be remembered that the 1930 Penny was issued during Australia’s Great Depression and as a low value coin became the workhorse of the nation.

Released into circulation into an environment of high unemployment, poverty, low profits and plunging incomes: a situation that meant every coin had to be used. And not stored away as a collectable.

And yet somehow this coin has miraculously been taken out of circulation and preserved very early on in its life. 

As the photographs show the crown is complete: a full central diamond that leaps out and knocks you in the eye. And eight plump pearls. The band of the crown is uninterrupted.

Notice the king’s eyebrow and moustache: the high points that along with the crown sustain wear during circulation. Also notice the detail in the king’s robes. 

Flip the coin over and take in the strength and formation of the upper and lower scrolls and the well-defined inner beading.

The legend, Commonwealth of Australia and the date ‘1930’ are prominent, almost thre