The Sterling Silver 1919 Square Penny, Type 4A and unique as such

The Sterling Silver 1919 Square Penny, Type 4A and unique as such
The Sterling Silver 1919 Square Penny, Type 4A and unique as such
The Collection of Albert Le Souef, Deputy Mint Master Melbourne Mint, 1919 to 1926
This coin is a numismatic prize, a trophy piece. A Square Penny depicting the Type 4 design, struck in Sterling Silver. And unique as such.
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Albert Le Souef was Deputy Mint Master of the Melbourne Mint between 1919 and 1926.

Aside from his professional involvement in numismatics at the Melbourne Mint, he was also a passionate collector, his preference for coins struck in silver.

Le Souef amassed a magnificent collection that was almost entirely donated to the Museum of Victoria.

His passion for silver coinage was the driving force behind the striking of three Square Pennies in Sterling Silver.

The first was struck depicting the Type 4 design. A second depicting the Type 5 and the third the design of the Type 6.

Each is unique. And each is stunning.

And the 1919 Type 4 struck in Sterling Silver is available now.

The introduction of the Kookaburra Square Penny underpinned an attempt by the then Labor Government to stir up national sentiment post World War I. To evoke the great 'Aussie' spirit.

If you think about it. Putting the nation’s native bird - the kookaburra - onto a coin was a no-brainer to achieving that goal. A drastically changed shape - a square - was part of the total package to maximise impact on its citizens. Sadly, after three years of testing, the scheme fell apart.

The coins that remain today are relics of our past, and the sentiment that they stir up in the current market is collector sentiment, driven by their novel shape and their extreme rarity.

The buyer of this piece should take on board the fact that the 1919 Square Penny Type 4 in cupro-nickel is the prized gem of the entire series of cupro-nickel Square Pennies dated 1919. Four designs were tested in cupro-nickel in 1919 and our estimates on the numbers available to collectors are as follows. 1919 Type 3 (15), 1919 Type 4 (4), 1919 Type 5 (8), 1919 Type 6 (8).

We note that we last sold a Type 4 cupro-nickel Square Penny in 2018 for $150,000, a reflection of its extreme rarity.

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