St Vincent Holey Dollar

St Vincent HD 1802 rev LARGE B&B
St Vincent HD 1802 obv LARGE B&B August 2017
St Vincent Holey Dollar
St Vincent Holey Dollar
Nearly Extremely Fine
J. J. Ford
There is a rule of thumb in our industry. Great collectors only ever own great coins and so it is with this extremely rare St Vincent Holey Dollar. Its first recorded owner was renowned American collector John J. Ford. It was Ford’s 1813 New South Wales Dump - the absolute finest of the D/2 variety - that created numismatic history in 2004 when it sold at auction at Stacks New York breaking the $100,000 barrier for the first time ever. His respect for quality and the opportunities he saw in owning coins of great rarity is evidenced in his ownership of the Dump and this St Vincent Holey Dollar.
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St Vincent HD 1802 obv LARGE B&B August 2017
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This Holey Dollar was struck circa 1811 on an 1802 Mexico Mint Spanish Silver Dollar and is counter stamped on the King’s head with an ‘S over XII’ within a shaped indent. The Holey Dollar took on a monetary value of 12 bitts.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Spanish Silver Dollar was a universally accepted coin. And a universally adapted coin.

It was the piece that Governor Lachlan Macquarie turned to for his Holey Dollars and Dumps, the very first coins struck on Australian soil. 

It was a process that other British colonies also took up when they needed to supplement their currency, including the Caribbean island of St Vincent.

This extremely rare St Vincent Holey Dollar re-affirms the versatility and adaptability of the Spanish Silver Dollar in augmenting currencies the world over. 

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