Guidelines for Rare Currency Investment.

Coinworks has the knowledge of the product and the knowledge of the rare currency market - both of which are imparted to clients to assist in their decision making process.

And while price is obviously a consideration, and paying a fair market price has to be a prime goal in any purchase, it is equally important to know the direction that the market is taking to harness future growth and to maximise that growth potential.

Coinworks position in the market place and our network of contacts ensures that we have an intimate knowledge of the market’s workings and its potential. Our promotions and publicity keep one ‘eye’ on today’s market, with the other ‘eye’ firmly directed towards future activity.

1930 Penny

Here is a step by step guide to making sound rare currency decisions.

1. Quality is a prime consideration

Prime quality is an insurance against market fluctuations and also a strong contributor to liquidity. High quality pieces are liquid. Furthermore once you invoke high quality standards into a rare currency selection process you immediately invoke a rarity factor. Quality equates to rarity.

2. And quality isn’t just about paying more 

While it's true that Coinworks is associated with high value pieces, we guide clients at all dollar levels. The key is to look for genuine quality in an area of the market that suits your budget. That's why we advise against purchasing a coin that has been discounted because of damage such as an edge knock.

3. Rarity another important consideration

Rarity is an important consideration in any coin purchase because, with fewer specimens available, there will be a higher comparative demand and less likelihood that a price will be challenged in the market. That helps insulate the coin against downward price pressures.

4. The widest possible buying audience

At Coinworks we particularly favour coins that are highly historical AND that also have strong numismatic significance because they embrace the widest possible buying audience. This in turn underpins capital growth and enhances liquidity.

5.  Provenance a key issue

Provenance is a key consideration. Not only from the legal perspective of clear title. Historically we know that ‘great collectors ’only ever owned great coins so a strong provenance re-affirms the calibre of the piece.

6.  Quality and price – a critical relationship

Of course, buying quality doesn't mean spending outrageously at any price. The balance between quality and price needs to be carefully considered to maximise the investment opportunity.

But it is equally important to know the direction that the market is taking to harness future growth and to maximise that growth potential. Buy cheaply today (grab a bargain) – and if the coin is going nowhere from this point on – the bargain has been a poor investment.

Currency Rarities - an important part of a balanced investment strategy

The rare currency market can protect your wealth in the short term and accrue capital growth over a given time span.

Currency rarities are a genuine alternative asset class with a proven track record of growth. Naturally, consideration must always be given to your overall financial goals.

 Past performance of investments and other financial matters is no indication of future returns or performance.