Explore the Years

  • The 1930 Penny

    1930 Penny – defines our nation.

    The 1930 Penny is keenly sought irrespective of its quality levels and growth over the mid to long term has been significant. read more
  • 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign and Half Sovereign

    The Glory of Australia's Gold Coinage.

    Australia's sovereigns and half sovereigns were first minted in 1855. If you are driven by quality it is a challenging series. read more
  • 1854 and the Port Phillip Kangaroo Office

    Circa 1854 - Port Phillip Kangaroo Office

    The ‘Kangaroo’ Office, Australia’s first private mint, opened in Melbourne in 1854. We explore its coin legacy. read more
  • Gold Proofs - the ultimate in rarity

    Gold Proof Coins are the ultimate in rarity.

    The key word when discussing 1855 - 1931 proof gold is RARITY. We explain the reasons why in this latest article. read more
  • W J Davis Dump 400x400

    Top quality Dumps? Top quality Holey Dollars? Which is the harder to procure?

    Top quality Dumps? Top quality Holey Dollars? Which is the harder to procure? read more
  • 1956 Proof Penny

    1955 - 1963 Proof Coins. Melbourne & Perth Mint.

    One of Australia's most popular pre-decimal coin series. Limited mintages at very affordable prices. read more
  • 1813 Holey Dollar

    1813 Holey Dollar - rare, important & desirable.

    Talk to private collectors or institutions such as Macquarie Bank and you quickly realise. The Holey Dollar is viewed as a jewel. read more
  • The 1852 Adelaide Pound

    1852 Adelaide Pound. A prized collectible.

    Victoria's fortune. South Australia's misfortune. They led to the creation of Australia's first gold coin, the 1852 Adelaide Pound. read more
  • 1927 Canberra Florin Beaumont3

    Mystery of the 1927 Canberra Florin

    The Canberra Florin is a collector's favourite. Worth $35,000 if it is a PROOF example, we answer the question “what is a ‘Proof’ coin?” read more
  • The 1813 Holey Dollar – a double history makes it doubly interesting

    The 1813 Holey Dollar. A double history. Doubly interesting

    The 1813 Holey Dollar began its life as a Spanish Silver Dollar: one coin created from another. Its double history makes it doubly interesting. read more
  • Australia’s first gold coin, the 1852 Adelaide Pound

    Australia’s first gold coin, the 1852 Adelaide Pound

    In 1852, the South Australian Government established its very own ‘mint’ and struck Australia’s first (unofficial) gold coin. read more
  • Australia's first gold sovereign - 1855

    1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign Australia’s first sovereign

    The Sydney Mint was Australia’s first official branch of the Royal Mint London and struck the nation's first sovereign on 23 June 1855. read more
  • The Taylor Pattern coinage of 1855

    Circa 1854 Port Phillip Kangaroo Coins

    The Kangaroo Office was a bold plan by English entrepreneurs to establish Australia’s first privately run Mint. read more
  • Australasian Trade Tokens 1860 - 1878

    Australian Trade Tokens 1860 - 1878

    Top quality Australian Tokens are very rare and have historically commanded similar prices to their rare coin relatives. read more
  • Australian Commonwealth coins 1910 - 1964

    Australian Commonwealth Coins 1910 - 1964

    Australia's Commonwealth coinage spans the reigns of four monarchs and covers the period from Federation to the introduction of decimal currency. read more
  • Square Kookaburra Pattern coinage 1919 - 1921

    Square Kookaburra Coins 1919 - 1921

    The Square Pennies and Halfpennies are evidence of the Labor Government's grand plan in the 1920s to overhaul the nation's coinage. read more
  • A national treasure, Australia’s 1930 Penny

    A national treasure, Australia’s 1930 Penny

    The 1930 Penny is a part of Australian folklore. The coin is a national icon and its start status has made it one of Australia's most valuable coins. read more
  • The 1937 Pattern coinage of Edward VIII

    The 1937 Pattern Coins of Edward VIII

    Have you ever seen a penny dated 1937? Or a halfpenny for that matter? They do exist ... but they are very rare. We tell the story. read more