A complete collection of Perth Mint Proof Coins, 1957 to 1963. Including both types of Proof 1957 Penny.

A complete collection of Perth Mint Proof Coins, 1957 to 1963. Including both types of Proof 1957 Penny.
A complete collection of Perth Mint Proof Coins, 1957 to 1963. Including both types of Proof 1957 Penny.
Private Collection Melbourne
$24,000 for the complete collection of twelve proof coins.
There are times when we make everything look so easy. Take for example, this tray of twelve Pre-decimal proof copper coins. We are offering it as a complete collection but it took years for the owner to put the set together to such a consistently high standard. Superb quality and a solid orange in colour. One collector's labour of love is now a great opportunity for one single Coinworks client for this stunning complete collection of proofs, 1957 to 1963, is available now. And includes both types of Proof 1957 Penny, the matte and brilliant version.
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This collection is comprised of the following Perth Mint proof coppers. Each coin is a superb blazing orange and the pairs perfectly matched.

The normal R.R.P on the 1957 to 1959 Proof Pennies is $3000 each and $4500 for each pair. That's a total of $30,000.

This collection is being made available to just one buyer as a complete unit of twelve coins for $24,000. (A saving of $6000)

  • 1957 Perth Mint Proof Penny - both matte and bright types
  • 1958 Perth Mint Proof Penny
  •  1959 Perth Mint Proof Penny
  •  1960 Perth Mint Proof Penny & Halfpenny
  •  1961 Perth Mint Proof Penny & Halfpenny
  •  1962 Perth Mint Proof Penny & Halfpenny
  •  1963 Perth Mint Proof Penny & Halfpenny

The proof coins struck by the Perth Mint between 1957 and 1963 are a perfect entry point into the Australian rare coin market. Limited edition proof coins, especially struck for collectors in the 1950s and 1960s.

In top quality they are extremely rare and very affordable and are great pieces to tuck away for the future either for yourself, for your children or your grandchildren.

It’s food for thought that an entire collection of Perth Mint Proofs 1957 to 1963 (comprised of eleven coins) can be acquired for less than the price of a 1930 Penny.

We like this area of the market and for the following reasons:

  • The coins are affordable. The single proofs are available at $3000. The pair of proofs for $4500. This is a dollar level that attracts a lot of buyer interest.
  • In top quality, the coins are stunning to look at, a solid blazing orange.

Quality is paramount.

While all the coins were struck to proof quality, their state of preservation, how well they have been cared for in the intervening years is critical to maintaining their value and underpinning their future capital growth.

In the 1950s and 1960s the Perth Mint did not use any fancy packaging to contain the coins. A cellophane paper envelope was the chosen medium to house the coins and send to buyers.


The fact that the Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint are today such prolific producers of proof coins may have some collectors believing that proofs struck in the pre-decimal era (prior to 1966) were similarly available.

This is simply not the case.

The Sydney Mint opened in 1855 and closed in 1926 and throughout its entire minting history, did not strike proofs on a commercial basis for collectors.

The Melbourne Mint opened in 1872. And the Perth Mint in 1899 and both mints did not strike proofs for collectors on a regular basis until 1955.

The collector proof program introduced in 1955 continued uninterrupted until 1963 just prior to decimal currency changeover.

The coins featured the flying kangaroo design on the reverse. And Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

The program was so popular that it became a catalyst for the introduction of a decimal proof coining program for collectors by the Royal Australian Mint, Canberra in 1966.

Government intervened in just one aspect of the program. Only those coins being struck for circulation were to be issued as proofs.

As the Perth Mint was striking only copper circulating coins for Treasury, it could strike only copper proof pennies and halfpennies for collectors.

The coins were released annually with an official issue price of face value plus a premium of one shilling per coin.

Each piece was struck to exacting standards – from the selection and polishing of blanks, the preparation of dies and ultimately the actual striking.  

The result is a coin that is pleasing to the eye, with strong designs and superb smooth mirror background fields.

The coins are visually stunning and very affordable, appealing to a wide buying audience.


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